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  1. Wiring Schematics
  2. IMPORTANT: BEC on ESC and Avoiding high current system ground loops
  4. 4s to 12v
  5. can i use a 12v camera with 5v vtx
  6. BEC as a PSU???
  7. 12v regulator or straight from 3s lipo?
  8. $1.53 Step-down switching regulators - Usefull or not?
  9. a few ???'s on 5v regulator
  10. 12v stepup regulator question
  11. The correct way of powering a 12V VTX and Camera from a 4-cell pack?
  12. Clean 12v out of 4s..
  13. where to use a filter
  14. Is LC filter still needed if CORE is installed?
  15. 3.7 v to 5 v please teach me some math
  16. Remote Lipo Disconnect?
  17. vTx audio - line level input??
  18. 17-19v to 12v/17v with 40a
  19. What is the ferrot ring for on a SBEC
  20. Power question about FatShark's video Tx connecting to a Sony 600TVL camera
  21. Power for a display? How does Watts factor in
  22. 12v camera on immersion RC video transmitter
  23. fatshark 5.8 ghz rtf fpv HELP powering 12v sony camera
  24. single battery setup in groundstation
  25. Immersionrc powerbox with 2 batteries
  26. Help! APM 2.5 board power from lipo
  27. vcc and rf noise
  28. Boscam transmitter and tbs core, 5 or 12V?
  29. Need input on my wiring job 8s ZXR
  30. LC Fliter - Before Cam OR Before Vtx?
  31. Understanding battery consumption...
  32. TBS Core Questions
  33. Need VTX/VRX Battery Help
  34. Soldering motor magnet wires... how to strip off the covering?
  35. Electrical setup for Skywalker
  36. 12v camera wiring
  37. How to power TBS 5.8g fatshark module
  38. rocker switch on camera to vtx line
  39. Voltage step down and or filtering
  40. Cold Solder Joints/Resistance In Circuit: Warm-Hot Motors on Quad
  41. LC Power Filter and wiring requirements - 700mw 2.3/2.4GHz VTx
  42. A simple question on batterys
  43. ESC On/Off switch?
  44. Anyone got the scoop on Hunger Batteries?
  45. Would you trust this wire for an LC filter
  46. Need help with wiring.
  47. Dji 30 amp esc bec wire question
  48. Low Voltage Cutoff for Tx when using Balance Plug? How to get?
  49. 12 v constant DC regulator
  50. Parallel harness issue
  51. Noob question! 1S lipo and TX5823 transmitter
  52. Strange lock when full throttle [SOLVED]
  53. How to solder TBS Core?
  54. How best to connect all my ground station components power to a 12v sla?
  55. Which one of these step down regulators to use / Will a LC filter be needed ?
  56. Super Sky Surfer 2000 PNP fly on 4s?
  57. Immersion RC 5-12v stepup regulator Important Discovery!
  58. TBS core Dual voltage!!!
  59. How long on Futaba 8FG internal battery (7.2V Nimh 1800 mAh battery) and EzUHF
  60. powering my 800 mw 1.3ghz vtx?
  61. Acceptable maximum mV peak to peak ripple?
  62. How do you make your parallel wiring harness?
  63. Voltage Reg Question
  64. Simple power distribution
  65. Grounding EZ UHF- where should I put the ground wire??
  66. lipo problem !
  67. TBS Discovery quad maximun voltage.
  68. 4S Video Link Board by IBCrazy (Video Aerial Systems), how to use?
  69. Re: Powerbox max current draw per output--moved to IRC thread, admin delete
  70. Does LC need Distance from ESC?
  71. 6V solar recharger
  72. Noisy Noisy TBS CORE
  73. Voltage range to power 250mW Tx
  74. Voltage regulators
  76. 12v BEC for Video Transmitter?
  77. Similar flight time with 1 battery and with 2 batterries (DJI Phantom)
  78. Your experience with 12V from the balance plug on 4S setups?
  79. The really basic question about power supply to the Core
  80. Noob Q: Need 12V regulator for gimbal controller and l-C filter for video TX
  81. Can I put a heatsink on a SEPIC regulator?
  82. Low batt alarm need a little help
  83. Replace battery with TBS core?
  84. help installing caipirinha with security camera 2000 sony super had cam
  85. Charger and battery suggestions please
  86. Powering Spektrum receiver
  87. TBS Core Question, 12v + 12v + 5v?
  88. ESC / BEC recommendations?
  89. TBS Core - problems
  90. Cat 6 Keystone Jacks
  91. Linear regulator vs. TBS core
  92. stepup regulator camera question
  93. Switching Tx battery from NiMH to Lipo
  94. TBS Core PNP25 too hot! (and video setup questions)
  95. Power filter behaving oddly
  96. Only 2 min flight time Phantom|FatShark|AARIS Gimbal
  97. A123 (life) question
  98. Tiny 5v Regulator Woes
  99. External laptop 15V PSU... 4S battery instead?
  100. Can I put a 3s 2200mah and 3s 1300mah in parallel in a model airplane?
  101. 6s on a 4s ESC
  102. Can i use another battery to power servos?
  103. Ferrite Usage? What do I put these goofy rings on?
  104. FatShark Filtered FPV Transmitter Power Supply (2S/3S/4S) BURNED!!!
  105. Video filtering, Diode vs. inductor, what's the diff?
  106. ZII / Ruby: Unknown power issues
  107. Step up regulator
  108. Help conecting Getfpv polulu 12v step down regulator! Not sure how to hookup!
  109. 2.4 fatshark tx and ccd camera question
  110. Missing battery life.
  111. MochaBoy thank You! Mobius power cable
  112. First stupid question.
  113. Sander Style LC Filter - remove lines in your video
  114. 4s flight system and 3s FPV / GoPro coexisting
  115. help ! Awfull noise on camera setup Caipirinha
  116. help setting up an fpv system on multirotor
  117. LC Common Mode Filter - True max input voltage?
  118. 5v Cam on 12v Lipo (or more) on UBEC
  119. Help me choose - BEC and ESC's
  120. Power filtering, Lines in video... unflyable.
  121. which ones correct lipo buzzer or overlander charger
  122. best way to regulate 12v for video TX
  123. dji f550 3 cell or 4??
  124. How to run a four cell set up
  125. Since Im Using 14v 4s lipo....(preparing first build) *newbie*
  126. Regulator any suggestions
  127. TBS Disco power loss/twitching new APM 2.6
  128. Help a noob power his rig.
  129. Liquid tape the Pololu regulator
  130. Pololu step up
  131. charging the futaba t8j nigh battery help
  132. Accidental BEC Wire Reversal
  133. Using Existing 5v Sources
  134. Shield, connect to ground or no?
  135. Help connecting LC filter to FPV setup
  136. TBS Core PNP25 vs PNP50
  137. newbie question - wiring
  138. LIPO Voltage Drop Question.
  139. Spidex V3 PDC question
  140. FPV setup advice please
  141. Battery-to-charger adapter question
  142. Interference proofing my disco
  143. Where can I get this Lipo?
  144. Lithium Polymer Battery Charging Confustion
  145. Have I killed my LiPos?
  146. TBS core and video switch
  147. So which connectors so you use?
  148. 6 ubec stepdown in a Futaba t8j
  149. Looking for good solder wire & extras
  150. Ground staton Battery
  151. LiPo Charging 'In the Field'...
  152. BlackOut Mini H Quad Clone - Power Distribution
  153. UBEC for 12v cam+vtx?
  154. ParkBEC and 5v LED Strobes
  155. My new Disco gets 6 mins flight time, WTH?
  156. Help with my FPV Power Choices
  157. Quick question about VTX power
  158. Blackout Mini H Quad poor video / LC Filter / need help
  159. Vtx output power relationship to consumed power?
  160. Tapping 12v from 6S lipo?
  161. Any problmes powering Tarot gimbal and tbs 69 camera from TBS Core 12v output?
  162. Speedie/motor suggestions TBS build
  163. Pololu 12v Stepdown
  164. Lipo Battery / Power advice. Help please ( multicopter )
  165. Juice management strategies
  166. Question of batteries in series..
  167. How to check AMP draw?
  168. So I'm trying to figure out how to wire this..
  169. Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 2S 45~90C Lipo
  170. LiFe Transmitter Battery Quick Cable
  171. How often do you balance charge your lipo's?
  172. HobbyWireless Board Replacement - polarity confusion
  173. Acceptable voltage difference between cells?
  174. How loud is my Pololu 12V step-up reg?
  175. Clean 5V for lawmate tx?
  176. DC-DC Step Down Convertor
  177. All in one PDB with 5V, 12V, Vtx out, Cam in, OSD in/out
  178. 12 Ga Squid
  179. I could use some help understanding this.
  180. Sander Style LC Filter - 3d printed Jig
  181. Zeta FX-61 lower power issue with 3s LiFeP04 battery
  182. Simple 4S to 12V linear regulator low noise
  183. HK's new BOLT HV batteries - Anyone tried em?
  184. Please may you check my LC filter wiring diagram?
  185. Building a charging station.. a few parts left to order & got some questions
  186. What battery?
  187. Powering a 12v RMRC receiver with two 2S lipos in series?
  188. PDB with several inputs?
  189. Extend ESC power leads OR to extend the motor to esc leads that is the question!
  190. Gopro hero 3 external Power UBEC caracteristics
  191. Please help me not fry my lightbridge!
  192. Inductance in Power Loop
  193. Step Up Regulator Question
  194. Upgrade batterty for my Blade 200qx
  195. BEC for FPV gear only
  196. combining batteries in parallel
  197. Common or Single Mode LC Filter Question
  198. LIPO Brands
  199. Wiring harness mod question
  200. Wiring confirmation
  201. Discovery Pro - No 12V power to top board
  202. How do you power your FC, Rx?
  203. How do I get 12v from a 2s setup?
  204. Is this 2A rated regulator enough?
  205. Controlling discharge with parallel packs
  206. ESC's shooting red flames on impacts
  207. Motor causing Interference
  208. New Power and Motors set up
  209. 890KV sunnysky, 30A afro esc and a 4S lipo, causes crash?
  210. Complicated wiring/please check it out for me.
  211. Lipo up in smoke! (cough, cough!)
  212. LC filter no longer working.
  213. Need to discharge the batteries faster
  214. Using AA batteries for receiver in glider?
  215. Making wire schematics
  216. de-couple cap on 12V power rail for GS?
  217. Powerlab will not install drivers... doesnt work all of the sudden???
  218. LC Filter and Shielded cable placement Help Please
  219. Lipo Charger Power Source - Splitting
  220. regulated 12v on 3s.
  221. Quad with FPV, one battery or two?
  222. Newbie question: charging multiple disparate LiPos
  223. LC filter vs commercial options to reduce video noise
  224. Heavy FC40
  225. RMRC 5V-12V Stepdown Regulator
  226. good reliable 6S 22.2v batteries?
  227. Why do brushless motors have a max voltage rating?
  228. Lipo charging question
  229. Rig the LEDs to Throttle?
  230. QAV250 Build - Wiring and Filtering help please!
  231. Tiger Air Gear 350 ESC's
  232. 5v from a 4 cell lipo
  233. brown out ....what do you think
  234. i think i have a ground loop
  236. any reason to not use a simple 7805 5v regulator in low draw applications?
  237. IMRC tx as a bec?
  238. 12V Step-up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator
  239. Sky-Hero Spyder 850 X8 needs a power distribution board.
  240. Shielding, terminate or not?
  241. Running standalone lipo alarm and FrSky telemetry
  242. Lumenier 3S 3300 LiPo acting up
  243. Can CORE pnp also power Naze and DL micro?
  244. Motor and ESC combo - amp limits kinda close...
  245. No Need for LC Filter if not using a PDB??
  246. immersionrc step-up 5v->12v vs LC off 12V PDB
  247. 3 Life Batteries in Parallel - Voltage Equalization Upon Connection
  248. What is this component?
  249. Recommendations For A Reliable UBEC/SBEC To Power My Futaba Rx.
  250. What the hell is goin on!