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  2. City bylaw takes the "park" out of "park flyer"
  3. Petition to the AMA regarding FPV
  4. FPV USA Laws
  5. AMA Responds to FPV Petition
  6. AMA Revised FPV Policy
  7. Docu about Drones both Military and Civilian
  8. Airspace of Oregon
  9. Oregon Senate Bill 71 would ban FPV flying and "drones"
  10. TEXANS! Call your reps today! Tell them NO on bill HB 912!
  11. States gaining speed towards banning drones (FPV included)
  12. "Drone" ban in Charlottesville, VA
  13. Proposed law could criminalize FPV in Montana
  14. Giving a voice to FPV
  15. The AMA supporting RC Modelers/Hobbyists - Fighting against Unreasonable Regulation
  16. Please sign my online petition to defeat Oregon Bill 71!
  17. Airspace Inside My House
  18. CBS Drones:Eyes in the Sky
  19. AMA Expo Meeting with the FAA - What FAA says on the subject
  20. Idaho state senate bill 1051
  21. How We Respond: Calling all videographers and documentary makers
  22. FAA Requests Public Comments on UAS Privacy Concerns
  23. multirotor w/video with footage from trappy and juz
  24. Nice Commentary from RC Model Reviews on "Drone LAWS"
  25. Government vs FPV
  26. Australia -- media/politicians starting to notice?
  27. Drones Popsci article
  28. Washington State HOUSE BILL 1771
  29. New Hampshire goes one step further - bans all aerial and satelite photography
  30. MINI Drones : Foxnews.com
  31. Where are you from? South East.
  32. Where are you from? Mid West.
  33. Where are you from? Plains?.
  34. Where are you from? West.
  35. New Hampshire - Aerial photography ban proposed
  36. DHS-Funded Drone Spies On Private Gun Sale
  37. New UAV Legislation being drafted in Australia this week.
  38. Government approved drone projects
  39. NewScientist "Backlash against civilian drones"
  40. Airline pilot reports "drone" while on approach over Brooklyn
  41. Pilot Reports ‘Drone’ Sighting at JFK
  42. Where is the latest FAA regs or rules concerning commercial filming use of RC drones?
  43. Oregon Senate Bill 71 -- Amendment Release and New Video
  44. Alaska Bill HB159.
  45. Apology to the Community
  46. New Jersey Assembly Bill No. 3157
  47. Why a drone can hover over your home, and you can’t stop it
  48. FPV Community news. Oregon has proposed a law prohibiting flying our aircrafts!
  49. New York Legislation
  50. GA House Bill 560: GAHB560
  51. Rancho Mirage proposed ban
  52. Regulations in Austria
  53. Florida bans official drone use
  54. Will Bureaucracy Keep The U.S. Drone Industry Grounded? (Article Title)
  55. Certification certificate NOW AVAILABLE? NO commercial pilots license NEEDED?
  56. This is the stuff that will cause us to lose our right to fly
  57. Holland allows drones without a permit. Woot
  58. Udall bill (federal surveillance)
  59. California SB15
  60. Flying in Ireland
  61. Sensible legislation: City bans Gov use of drones, red light cams, plate scanners etc
  62. EFF letter re desired legislation
  63. Maine UAV bill sent to Governer 6/27/13
  64. Maine UAV Bill VETOED by Governer! GASP! DRAMA!
  65. Vermont
  66. Colorado town considers hiring bounty hunters to shoot down "drones"
  67. Colorado town to issue drone hunting licenses
  68. Saw this today regarding sense and avoid
  69. FAA approval!
  70. OE/AAA System access
  71. What kind of FPV regulation would you find acceptable?
  72. Dutch parliament debating UAVs/Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
  73. National Air Space integration and future UAV legislation
  74. Trappy's move to dismiss vs FAA
  75. Just an idea...
  76. Multirotor footage from recent fires in Australia (Lithgow fire)
  77. Local park just banned Model Aircraft
  78. Club bans FPV
  79. FAA UAS Roadmap Released
  80. Analysis of FAA Roadmap on Commercial sUAS
  81. Commercial UAS registration
  82. Congressman states that drones should be for military or police use only
  83. Politics, Elections and Getting Involved.
  84. First Person View FPV for rc plane?
  85. CAA in NZ says just "go for it" if you want to fly FPV commercially
  86. Civilian Drones - Search and Rescue Documentary
  87. UK FPV rules to change....
  88. Guy flies (presumably FPV with a quad/hex/etc) in DC.. posts video
  90. Amazon Delivery Drone... Or is it?
  91. Feeling The FPV Love At A Local Hobby Supply Shop Today.
  92. Another petition
  93. Nice Article On sUAS's And Photojourlaism In NPPA's Monthy News Photographer Mag
  94. Granny Peace Brigade pushing for FPV/Aerial Photo ban in New York City
  95. Front page yahoo news article on drones and aerial video
  96. Grand Forks selected as UAS test site
  97. Bill to Ban FPV in Washington
  98. Tired Of Hearing The Term Drone Tossed Out By Media? Ever Heard Of HARO?
  99. Massachusetts proposed Senate bill 1664
  100. Flying in the Netherlands
  101. Bipartisan group of Maryland lawmakers seeks limits on drones
  102. Hard Hitting Questions by Squishy
  103. New Hampshire revisiting legislation
  104. Flying in Mexico
  105. What would you say?
  106. Missouri Legislation
  107. Ask the president
  108. Possible New York legislation
  109. New Zealand takes the lead?
  110. Flying my mini hex in Germany?
  111. Disturbing FAA Analysis - distance from airports
  112. Drone activity 'suspicious'
  113. The Little-Known Feud That's Shaping the Future of Delivery Drones
  114. FOIA Response Reveals FAA Routinely Misrepresents the Law
  115. FPV Community Survey
  116. Iowa Drone Legislation
  117. Arizona
  118. I've lost everything
  119. FAA Enforcement Actions
  120. Georgia legislation
  121. Peter Sachs' Letter to the FAA
  122. 400ft Rule
  123. A Journalist Is Suing the Police Who Grounded His Drone
  124. Hawaii Legislation
  125. New article on yahoo
  126. Someone in France getting taken to court over drone flight
  127. CT Legislature to hold hearing on Drone usage Monday
  128. More headlines...
  129. A better question, why has it taken so long for the FAA to allow sUAS
  130. Connecticut Bill - 10-20 years for crimes involving a drone.
  131. Louisiana
  132. If you want to follow legal developments and legislation
  133. March 6th, Offical FPVLAB holiday?
  134. Commercial drones are legal... for now? :)
  135. FAA out of commercial use for now what about FCC?
  136. Man Charged in Melbourne Australia for Using Quad to deliver drugs to prisoners
  137. Question about Public law 112-95 Sec 336
  138. How to be aware of laws in your state that might effect you?
  139. looks like its minesota's turn
  140. 60 minutes right now has a full segment on drones.
  141. Yahoo article on US lagging behind with UAS use
  142. News Headline: Nationals In Hot Water Over Drones At Spring Training
  143. Huerta Stresses FAA’s Authority to Integrate, Enforce UAS Operations
  144. Alaska bans hunters from using drones
  145. I've had a good laugh here
  146. FAA Flight Time Logging
  147. UK's first drone conviction, fined £4300
  148. Civilian Drones Search and Rescue
  149. South Africa's CAA to clamp down on "illegal" drone flights
  150. TES Search & Rescue vs FAA
  151. New Legal Fight: Drones for Humanitarian Search & Rescue
  152. Tethering sidesteps legality issues?
  153. 32 Industries Agree: Drone rules are overdue and the FAA needs to act now not later.
  154. Arrest of man planning terrorist type attack using drones
  155. Spanish aviation authorities "temporarily" outlaw all non-club RC flying
  156. clarification on civil aviation authority rule
  157. Louisiana senate passes drone ban
  158. LA Bill Effecitvely Bans all UAS Photography
  159. Conspiracy theorists unite! What if...
  160. How long does it take for a reply from a congressman?
  161. senator shoots down drone, lol
  162. North Carolina going after UAS photography ban
  163. UK - Change in CAA regulations for FPV
  164. This is not what I fought for...
  165. University of Missouri brings drones class indoors after feds complain
  166. Louisiana again
  167. Calling all Louisiana FPV'ers! House of Reps convenes tomorrow!
  168. New York could be next.
  169. Louisiana anti-drone SB 356 KILLED!
  170. For the first time ever, the FAA is trying to fine a drone hobbyist
  171. New letter template to fight Louisiana SB 330.
  172. Mufflers needed
  173. The FAA Now Says Flying a Drone in Most Major Cities Is Illegal
  174. NPS - UAS prohibited in yosemite
  175. The Drone Revolution
  176. Another bill bites the dust!!! Good job guys!
  177. Feds Confiscated a Hobbyist's Drone Footage to Keep It Off the Internet
  178. This could get the masses in an uproar for more laws
  179. Trappy appeal brief
  180. Drone Journalism a First Amendment Right?
  181. Australia: Proposal for no licence requirement <2kg
  182. Where are things now with commercial use?
  183. DJI to program Phantoms with no-fly zones arounds airports in Australia+
  184. FAA to streamline drone permit process (article)
  185. First french prosecution - €400 fine
  186. UAS Integration Stalled Again
  187. Louisiana anti-drone amendment. I need your help! *real easy copy and paste*
  188. AMA SIG for FPV
  189. Who owns the skies?
  190. FAA Foot-dragging Equals A $27 Million Dollar Per Day Loss For The U.S..
  191. DRONE LAW Video Series - FAA vs. FPV and State, Local, County, Park Regs
  192. FAA May Exempt Film Industry from UAV Rules
  193. *Facepalm* My own town considers "drone legislation"
  194. Commercial FPV and the FCC
  195. Did someone lose their multi on top of Dallas Cowboys Stadium
  196. Full size got pretty close to me today. Have video of shadow...
  197. A potential approach to personal "drone" control
  198. report full size pilots
  199. LA Times Article on "hobby drones"
  200. Why was my thread locked?
  201. Censorship
  202. FAA Guidance, June 23, 2014
  203. Close encounters on rise as small drones gain in popularity
  204. videographers are stupid
  205. Hobbyking almost hits cyclist with quad
  206. FATSHARK - What is your angle of approach now that FAA bans goggles?
  207. Suggested Comments for the FAA
  208. What's the big deal?
  209. Direct Link to Comment to FAA - 30 days to act!
  210. Petition to help save FPV
  211. North Carolina Bill Passes the House for Reasonable Drone Use
  212. ReadyMadeRC opposition to FAA Notice - Protecting our Hobby!
  213. White House Petition To Limit FAA, Ban FAA from Making Rules...
  214. Department of the interior is told to report us
  215. Licensing the answer?
  216. We all understand Trappy's case expedited FAA action on fpv right?
  217. Fighting stupid with stupid
  218. To the FAA, Simplify our argument and Demonstrate our point
  219. NPS mulls lifting "drone" ban, hiking groups cry foul and launch petition drive
  220. So... Who's actually hanging up their goggles for good?
  221. Anyone still posting videos up to youtube?
  222. New Regulation Discussion (also posted in RCG)
  223. So if you do get "caught", what could the FAA do?
  224. This is a time to band together...
  225. Could you attend a street protest at FAA HQ in Washington?
  226. Video Opposing New FAA Regulations
  227. $40 000 or 5 to 10 years in jail (Florida)
  228. Farm Journal Drone Fly-in
  229. Drone pilot arrested:
  230. Anyone in Central Illinois?
  231. Flite Test- FAA Ban On FPV
  232. Responding to comments about my FPV craft being a drone
  233. post comments here
  234. US Drone Users Largely Silent....Act Now!
  235. Amazon Prime Air - Exemption/Rulemaking
  236. No US entries because it's illegal?
  237. FAA ban on FPV, make yourself heard!
  238. Sickening comments heard today on major network.
  239. More drone news from Cleveland Ohio
  240. Oh look! It's Yet Another Moron with a Phantom Doing Stupid Things!
  241. Another reason...
  242. Texas Equusearch wins its case, Judge rules all FAA cease-and-desist orders are bogus
  243. Your Comments are Deaperately Needed to Preserve our right to use FPV Gogles
  244. An idea for FPVLAB and it's admins...
  245. Just what IS federal airspace?
  246. Remember folks call ATC before you fly :)
  247. Protect FPV! - Video Submission Request
  248. Urgent UAV capability required for MH17 crash site assessment
  249. Well, if the FAA is going to ban FPV because of couple of idiots doing stupid things,
  250. FAA grants comment extension at the request of AMA