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  1. Turn the information from long threads into condensed manuals
  2. Which motor/esc goes with my FPV plane?
  3. Manual Suggestions
  4. FPV Manuals comes up in FIRST place in Google FPV search results
  5. PONOKO.COM for Custom FPV Parts: acrylic, wood, etc.
  6. "Prop Stops" for Zephyr and other wings for sale in the USA
  7. Make $50 USD by posting a manual: FPV Wiring Schematics
  8. Camera case for GoPro and Dx201 for Zephyr wing
  9. Lost Zephyr: timnilson needs your help!
  10. New Tricopter Frame
  11. jetview dvr...so is it trash?
  12. New Tricopter Delrin Kit
  13. EasyStar Camera Pods for GoPro and Flight Cam
  14. Interview with Sander Sassen
  15. The Calm Before The Storm: Irene / NYC with Tricopter
  16. New article on a simple FPV City Rig
  17. FPV Manuals Launches Live FPV Chat: First chat tonight (Saturday) at 9PM EST
  18. New GoPro lens protection product by fpvmanuals
  19. How many GoPro lenses did you scratch up in your FPV Career?
  20. Prop Injury
  21. Cinemizer OLED Video Goggles
  22. Getting started
  23. FPV Manuals / GetFPV -- New world-wide shipping & handline fee of only $2.99
  24. How do you fit an APC prop on a DT-750 HK Motor?
  25. FrSky User Thread
  26. NX-4008 620kv Multi-Rotor Motors are now IN STOCK at GetFPV
  27. FPV Manuals + Team BlackSheep : ZII GoPro Mount
  28. Derin Tricopter Y6 Conversion
  29. New from fpvmanuals: Lipo Strap made by Scorpion
  30. The new QAV500 FPV Quadcopter frame by Lumenier (formerly fpvmanuals)
  31. tricopter kit... No ARF version?
  32. Template for Delrin jig?
  33. 2 new multi-rotor motors from fpvmanuals (40mm stator)
  34. GetFPV.com now official Team BlackSheep Product Retailer and Distributor in the USA
  35. Product stock alerts from GetFPV.com
  36. Violent vibration problem with stock tricopter, balanced props
  37. broke the piece the lens snaps into on layer lens
  38. New Sony 84" TV with 4 times the resolution of HD at $24K price point
  39. Motor / ESC Combo - QAV5
  40. Sony Action Cam HDR-AS10 and HDR-AS15 Thread: Discussion and Videos
  41. funny "stuff" on FM4008
  42. Sony RX100 and QAV500 FPV
  43. "Winged Planet" on Discovery Channel... Incredible aerial footage
  44. Cinemizer OLED available for USA Pre-Order with free fpvmanuals ski goggle mod
  45. Using retaining compound on the FM4008 motor's shaft
  46. Nx4008 prop adapter
  47. 20+ Minute Flights?
  48. FPV Manuals is Hiring: Turn your passion for FPV into your career
  49. Layer lens for Hero3?
  50. Cyber Monday Sale at GetFPV
  51. Buying just a Discovery top plate?
  52. FM-4006-13 740kv
  53. LayerLens for GoPro3 (revision 2) now available
  54. How To Program Tiger Motors 18amp ESC For QAV500 & MT 4006
  55. The QAV400 FPV Quad Frame by Lumenier (formerly fpvmanuals)
  56. FPVMANUALS OSD camera cable
  57. An interview with Juz at fpvmanuals
  58. QAV500 with APM2.5 setup
  59. QAV500 ?'s
  60. Naza or CC3D on QAV500
  61. How to repair orange RC bobbins
  62. New multi-rotor motor: fpvmanuals FM-2216-11 900kv
  63. QAV500 twisted frame
  64. mounting foam
  65. fpvmanuals 30 amp ESC with SimonK firmware-Questions
  66. QAV500 Video thread, Post your videos here!
  67. why are the MT 2212 on getfpv 980kv, but 750kv on tigermotors
  68. Sites down?
  69. QAV 500 taking part in a competition! Need help!
  70. CC3D flight controller fpvmanuals edition on sale at GetFPV.com
  71. Problem with brand new 30Amp ESC?
  72. QAV500 or QAV400 - which one should I buy?!
  73. T-Motor 18/20A ESC
  74. CC3D Installation - Album
  75. Thank you fpvmanuals!
  76. cables for 25x25 cam
  77. QAV500 carnage
  78. [RTF] QAV-400 :)
  79. QAV540G with Integrated Brushless Camera Gimbal
  80. Looking at FPVmanuals 740Kv
  81. QAV500 build list?
  82. QAV 500 wins in local Semi Autonomous Competition!
  83. GETFPV.com down?
  84. Recommended Motor + ESC combo for QAV500
  85. Problem with my NEW CC3D fpvmanuals editon
  86. Reducers for Grapner props
  87. XOAR prop choice: 10x4, 10x5 or 10x6?
  88. NX4008 Prop Adapter
  89. Today is May 6, are the QAV400s in stock?
  90. qav400 pdb power to fpv setup?
  91. QAV500 Rebuild (with issues)
  92. DIY Cases for your QAV400/500
  93. Travis's Q540G Build log / Photo updates. ** CRASHED **
  94. Tiger Motor Questions
  95. Question for Tim about Graupners
  96. FM-4006-13 740kv Problems
  97. Hey Tim
  98. ETA on restock of the Orange Bobbins?
  99. F30 ESCs
  100. Founder of FPV Manuals and GetFPV launches Lumenier FPV Equipment Company
  101. Lumenier releases "CS-600 Super" FPV Camera
  102. Clever Tim - very clever :D
  103. QAV Gimbal Build And Tune Thread
  104. OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller and FlexiPort and MainPort only 3.3v
  105. QAV500 Gimbal Upgrade kit Controller ?
  106. CU-690 Ultra - 690TVL Ultra WDR
  107. Manual pitch control situation on 540g
  108. What size suitcase to fit a 540G?
  109. My new QAV540G just will not fly true. I need HELP!!!!
  110. QAV500 to be featured on Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!
  111. Lumenier Lipo Batteries Now Available
  112. How to fit F-30 in a QAV500?
  113. some 540G footage
  114. Cinemizer separate video feeds per screen
  115. The Lumenier CU-690 Ultra - 690TVL Ultra WDR
  116. Discuss QAV setup and flight controller setup
  117. What battery for the qav400?
  118. QAV and the 911 memorial
  119. Qav 500/540g arducopter thread.
  120. QAV540 can't get rid of vibration after esc throttle calibration
  121. help with qav500
  122. The QAV400 With A Brushless Camera Gimbal
  123. QAV500 weights.
  124. The new QAV400G -- Brushless Gimbal Unit for the QAV400
  125. Al Austria's QAV500G (Video)
  126. CF Landing Gear grub screws
  127. APC 10x4.7 for QAV500?
  128. Lumenier QAV540G/QAV500G FLIGHT VIDEOS
  129. getfpv.com down no longer.
  130. Major QAV400 Problem!!!!
  131. New Multi-Rotor Motor: Lumenier FX-4006-13 740KV and matching 10x4.5 CF Props
  132. G10 extended arms
  133. QAV500G rear view gimbal perspective(video)
  134. Lumenier LiPo out of stock
  135. G10 Arms now available for all Lumenier QAV Airframes
  136. Graupner 8mm to 5mm adapters not sitting flush in the prop, this normal?
  137. Lumenier30a esc and Naza problem
  138. QAV400 FPV camera mount for 38mm boards
  139. CCW prop adapters for the fm4006 pancakes
  140. EzUHF link cable
  141. QAV540 - best place to mount FPV camera
  142. Q about the FX2216-9 1100kv V2
  143. Check your Lumenier battery connectors!!!!!!!!!
  144. QAV-5XX NAZA Mast Z setting in cm
  145. Qav400 short circuit
  146. Safely removing orange bobbins after Loctite?
  147. Got any spare screws left over?
  148. Bad CU-690?
  149. ESC Capacitor in QAV500
  150. removing layerlens scratches
  151. Lumenier QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter
  152. QAV250!!!
  153. QAV400G vs QAV540G
  154. RTF FPV System Package
  155. 700 Luminier Mini Cam problem
  156. QAV 540G motor broken?
  157. NAZA basic and att gains settings...what do you fly with?
  158. Qav500 and 12mm ESC
  159. Amazon PrimeAir Octo uses Lumenier FX-4006-13 Motors
  160. what tha heck? did I have the naza fly-away?
  161. Someone from lumenier/getfpv please sort this problem with order out
  162. How to get Customer Service Help from GetFPV
  163. FX4006-13 ESC Settings
  164. imitation is the best form of flattery
  165. Lumenier 30 amp ESC & MT-4006-13 - something isn't right
  166. New QAV400 Build - Motor Direction
  167. New QAV400 Build - Motor Direction?
  168. 83736738 resolution(56+ megapixel) nadir mosaic, captured w/QAV500G & GoPro Hero 2
  169. Tiger Brushless Gimbal Motor GB2208-80
  170. CM-700 in winter with sun
  171. QAV400 -enough power?
  172. Versions unclear! Difference between QAV500 1.2, 1.1, and 1.0
  173. QAV400 + TBS PNP25... will it be enough?
  174. G-10 Arm landing gear
  175. Largest battery for QAV500
  176. Any European Stockists
  177. Testing Lumenier 1100kv motors on QAV500
  178. QAV500G autonomous flight(video)
  179. Lumenier DX600 DVR USB driver question
  180. QAV-400 mini - for travel
  181. Cable for EZOSD
  182. FM4008 motor parts
  183. new QAV500 motor ??? "FZ"? 4006? Motor upgrade option.
  184. CC3D's?
  185. QAV400 - With the best fitting gimbal ever! (probably)
  186. QAV500 = X-frame or H-frame?
  187. Why close the QAV500 thread?
  188. qav400 with FFBLG and beholder lite parts
  189. About Lumenier Batteries...
  190. ** QAV250 VIDEO THREAD! **
  191. QAV400 "Clean Frame" Base Plate, any body got one for sale? getfpv is out
  192. My QAV400 saved by the PR-100a
  193. QAV 250 Travel case
  194. LC Common Mode Power Filter Problem
  195. Luminier ESC calibration to transmitter
  196. QAV540G nose heavy
  197. NAZA v2 and QAV400
  198. whats the date on a hex
  199. QAV540G Manual??
  200. QAV540G Battery Database
  201. Free Shipping! Hooray!
  202. Antenna Question, 1.3
  203. QAV540 crash on takeoff......video included
  204. QAV540G Owners - AUW? Props?
  205. Whats Next?
  206. Me and the QAV250 for a week
  207. Exposure fluctuation in FPV camera?
  208. Introducing the Lumenier G10 DJI Replacement Arm
  209. ski goggle mod
  210. Preorder for Lumenier 2350kv motors?
  211. QAV540 first flights
  212. QAV400 vs Phantom 2 Flight Time
  213. QAV400 with DYS 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal & Handheld Gimbal
  214. QAV250 Lumenier 12A ESC , Desperate to find one
  215. Qav500
  216. OpenPilot CC3D Lumenier Edition
  217. Qav500 What Gimbal
  218. QAV400 RTF availability
  219. QAV500 Availability????
  220. How to program Lumenier ESC's
  221. Advice buying the QAV 250 RTF
  222. Carbon QAV250 - Need Advice on VERY Weird Problem
  223. Spacing between the two 35mm front standoffs for Qav250 CF?
  224. Lumenier QAV400 with quick-release gimbal. Help with set up - Naza M V2 & Alexmos BGC
  225. FNG here with a question (QAV500G)
  226. QAV 540g Gimbal Help
  227. Lumenier 12 amp ESC with SimonK Firmware (N-FET) - OptoIsolated?
  228. QAV 250 RATE mode settings with CC3D?
  229. URGENT... Lumenier 30a SimonK esc not arming
  230. Lumenier announces Mini CC3D "Atom" Flight Controller
  231. Qav 500 dirty plates
  232. QAV250 Hold Altitude and smooth Throttle (new build)
  233. QAV540G
  234. lumenier cs-800 camera help
  235. Should I fly with or without Fail safe settings? (qav250)
  236. The NEW QAV500 Version 2.0 - FPV and Gimbal Videography Airframe
  237. Can I use 25C lipo's with my QAV250?
  238. DOUBT QAV400 with NAZA V2
  239. qav250 fpv gear and fc questions
  240. FPV Manuals vs. FAA
  241. Does anyone fly with a gps on their qav250?
  242. A little help with the Luminier cs-600.
  243. Complete noob looking to build my own QAV250
  244. Suggestions please for a 400
  245. QAV250 Throttle Resolution Issue - Found The Problem but need advice Please!!!
  246. QAV500 arm length / prop size advice
  247. Any Idea when FX2206-13 2000kv are coming back?
  248. QAV250 W/ Fury board, CC3D, and futaba 6303
  249. Layer Lens for GP3 fits the GoPro Hero4 perfect.
  250. The Lumenier FPV Backpack