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  1. disco drifting forward help please
  2. New order but didnt get confirmation
  3. Filtered balance lead TX power supply
  4. ESC Wiring question
  5. FPV cam tilt ideas / inspiration
  6. how long does it take to receive ezosd in the usa
  7. TBS Pro assembly
  8. TBS Brushless Gimbal Woes
  9. Disco current sensor
  10. Where to buy spare switches for Disco Pro!
  11. 1.3 GHz Video Transmitter Advice
  12. Some questions concerning the release EZOSD TBS
  13. New dampeners?
  14. best way to remove new TBS Screws
  15. TBS chipchip?
  16. TBS EZOSD with Discovery Pro?
  17. Discover pro using GoPro as the FVP camera
  18. TBS Core amp is crazy
  19. TBS Pro Motor/ESC issue
  20. EzUHF Factory or MOD
  21. Different UHF Bundles on the store
  22. Folding Prop Set TBS - Centering ring?
  23. Graupner 70A ESC - After?
  24. Batch 2 - more with defect gimbal or just me?
  25. Three months hence....Discovery Pro Promise Fulfilled?
  26. Who sells a good TBS Disco pro RTF/ARF build?
  27. Disco Pro Gimbal problem
  28. TBS 5g8 vrx problem on fatshark Doms with immersion rc 600mw vtx (brand new)
  29. ESC Trouble...
  30. advice on a TBS tuned 2.4GHz video transmitter and rec.
  31. voltage switch on tbs core jumper setting for immersion 600mw
  32. TBS tuned lawmate 2.4 Tx and Rx - may be faulty - anyway to test conclusively?
  33. Cancelling individual items on TBS order-
  34. Prop adapters for TBS KV 900 motors
  35. Drilling into TBS Discovery bottom plate?
  36. Wiring Scheme incl TBS Core PNP 25 and TBS EZOSD
  37. VIDEO > "Team BlackSheep - THAILAND [revisited]"
  38. discovery screws that go into the red spacers question
  39. Tbs osd Firmware updates.
  40. TBS Rookie vTx and TBS RC305 vRx Problems...
  41. EZOSD --> TBS EZOSD Firmware
  42. TBS Discovery - Seized fasteners
  43. Question about the TBS Core OSD Power information
  44. TBS Discovery Pro - White Cliffs Of Dover
  45. Disco Pro Gimbal Problem
  46. Discovery Pro OSD problems
  47. Shipment Tracking
  48. Discovery Pro PPM/UHF setup question
  49. TBS DISCO PRO - Question regarding camera switch failure.
  50. tbs 900KV2 motors
  51. New harder gimbal dampers on their way?
  52. TBS 5,8 Ghz Rookie - 12V and Broken
  53. Gimbal roll motor doing nothing.
  54. Lawmate tuned 2.4 VTX - poor range
  55. No FPV Video - New Build
  56. EzOSD Firmware
  58. Hickups caused by bad ESC?
  59. What's going on at TBS?
  60. More TBS / Trappy and drones in the news
  61. TBS EzOSD - Black Screen of Death!!!
  62. 3wks still no reply from TBS about the brand new dominators they sent me burnt lcd's
  63. TBS Discovery Pro preorder / starter set
  64. QAV540G-NAZAM V2 with PNP50 CORE TBS 69 Gopro ALexmos and IOSD MARK II & rcci
  65. How to know expected shipping time TBS products in backlog/batches?
  66. Dumb question but if you don't ask you will never know... - Nut size for TBS 900KVm2
  67. FliteTest Podcast 004 - Trappy (TBS) Is Here!
  68. Problem with caméra switch
  69. 900kW motors ... version 1 vs. version 2
  70. Stock reservation rollout
  71. TBS Bulletproof ESC
  72. tbs 2.4GHz rx module for dominators??
  73. SOLVED: Discovery Pro 1.3 GHz video AND 12V cam on CORE
  74. TBS Bulletproof ESCs: One is running hot only with battery plugged in
  75. Stickers for TBS Discovery Top & Bottom Plate customised
  76. DISCOVERY PRO: problem arming motors
  77. New Batches of Discovery Pro / Upgrades
  78. TBS GOPRO LINK BOARD (disco pro) back order and picture please!!!
  79. The "Because We Can" Specials
  80. Vibrations and Jello TBS Discovery Pro Gimbal
  81. TBS core PNP25 vs PNP50
  82. The TBS support re-launch
  83. sUAS News with Brendan Schulman and TBS // trappy
  84. How to get Customer Support from TBS
  85. TBS Bulletproof ESCs
  87. Gimbal stutter guide for TBS Discovery Pro
  88. MY TBS PRO r/c control signal header malfunction , no power Vcc.
  89. CoG Issues with no FPV Gear - Advice please!
  91. Trappy, do you know of any Discovery Pro stock anywhere?
  92. I warm hug to TBS Support!
  93. Discovery Pro - the OSD on the GoPro view looks a bit garbled
  94. ESC recalibration without perfect results
  95. Need help with gimbal setup
  96. No video output upon firing up the Pro.
  97. No power to FPV area
  98. TBS Discovery Pro set -more information
  99. DiscoPro Questions - Naza, TBS 69 Cam, Gimbal config
  100. TBS Core questions
  101. Ezosd it TBS59 problem
  102. RSSI with DiscoPro, EZUHF and PWM
  103. Can you purchase spare prop adaptors for tbs 750kv?
  104. Disco Pro Gimbal problems....
  105. DiscoPro - The improved dampening system
  106. TBS Disco EzUHF setup and calibration with Futaba 9C, and Naza V2 Tutorial
  107. TBS 900kv motors - beep sound on start up
  108. TBS Tuned Lawmate - Is Diversity avalible?
  109. Gimbal Help
  110. TBS Video
  111. Newbie questions on TBS Disco
  112. Disco 60 hours service.
  113. Genuine TBS tuned lawmate, How do you tell?
  114. GoPro not charging with GoPro link
  115. More TBS Tuned Lawmate 2.4ghz Problems!!! What a Day!!!
  116. Gimbal Pitch Screws
  117. TBS Discovery Pro Case
  118. What are shipping times from Team Black Sheep to USA?
  119. Help with gimbal overloading core
  120. 10-5 rotoren
  121. Throttle Curves, Naza an Altitude
  122. Disco PRO Cam switch and Gimbal Tilt
  123. Formation Proximity 2
  124. Disco Pro VTX power dialemma..
  125. Heatshrink core
  126. Flight Log
  127. Questions about the Disco Starter Set/Graupner Mx12 HoTT/Naza Lite and Faisafe
  128. I blew my pin25 tbs core FUSE?!
  129. Disco pro cam switch issue with EzOSD
  130. Broken edge of top plate - discovery pro
  131. Turned the DiscoPro into a Lawn Dart Yesterday...
  132. Building a custom case for the TBS discovery PRO
  133. TBS Disco Pro Video downlink Range problem
  134. Have Disco, want gimbal
  135. 900 KV motors vs stock DJI motors
  136. Assignment numbers on 8pin Header
  137. TBS 100A current sensor
  138. what lipo 4s batterys do people use on the discovery
  139. Vtx BEC needed for Discovery Pro
  140. do I need to calibrate the tbs esc's?
  141. Dragon Link and Disco Pro
  142. tbs discovery 3s lipo
  143. SUGGESTION: Fixed Mount for Gopro on Disco Pro
  144. How does this Black Friday thing work again?
  145. glue / lubricant - assembly Discovery Pro
  146. TBS ESC
  147. TBS Disco Pro Gimbal Software settings help
  148. Lawmate pv50
  149. TBS rookie overheat
  150. TBS Discovery Pro Gimbal reset help
  151. 9XR set up for Camera Switch?
  152. discovery problem
  153. Throttle mush :(
  154. Disco Pro Camera Switch Set Up..
  155. Layerlens on Disco Pro
  156. Fatshark Choice
  157. Thread closed.
  158. How to choose which Fatshark?
  159. Where to put the PMU?
  160. T8J antenna mounting
  161. Interference in FPV Camera when motors start (TBS DISCO)
  162. Motors not arming
  163. DISCOVERY PRO FLIR gimbal parts
  164. disco pro : gimbal trouble, its possessed!
  165. Which engines ?
  166. for anybody who has tbs discovery with 10x5 dji props gains
  167. Disco won't lift off...
  168. Discovery Pro - Upgraded the Gimbal Firmware to 2.3b5
  169. Special Configuration and Advice
  170. Questions about Gimbal set-up on Futaba control for TBS Discover Pro - Newbie
  171. TBS Pro Cam
  172. Dropping discovery
  173. TBS Disco Pro Build Guides?
  174. Disco Pro Crash, repair possible ?
  175. TBS Disco Pro Buttons..
  176. Shunt or no Shunt for TBS EZOSD in TBS Disco?
  177. 7dBi whip exposed
  178. TBS Lawmate rx and tx problems
  179. TBS Discovery Pro problems!!!
  180. TBS Core Menu - Cant Get To RSSI Config???
  181. Disco Pro Gimbal freaks out when Throttle applied
  182. TBS59 camera question
  183. TBS Discovery Crash
  184. I'm stuck: Naza V2 & Futabaa Channal assignment issues
  185. vibration in gopro 3 video
  186. Naza V2 X1 out put to manual control Pitch?
  187. Does the Core provide enough power for a 500mW 2.4Ghz Lawmate vTX?
  188. 12v VTx Soldering configuration?
  189. How to remove completely soldered core shield?
  190. TBS Discovery Pro problem with Naza V2
  191. Lead times for TBS order
  192. Need confirmation for battery
  193. Ready to Purchase TBS Discovery....some questions that i'm hoping you can answer
  194. Problems with new Discovery + TBS Core + TBS ChipChip v2
  195. GoPro not charging on TBS Disco Pro
  196. Flying DJI Naza without GPS/Compass plugged in - Good or Bad idea?
  197. New York City: Part 2
  198. NAZA V2 PMU, TBS Pro
  199. TBS Discovery Starter Set detailed Build Manual + My Review and advices
  200. Yaw wanders/drifts - do I crank or lower the rudder gain?
  201. What batteries TBS Discovery greatest flight time for FPV using 900kv ? 3S / 4S ?
  202. no video through tbs core, on disco pro
  203. video of my problem with motors after calibration
  204. TBS Discovery with MikroKopter Flight-Ctrl 2.0 ME, Navi, GPS: Setup help needed...
  205. TBS EZUHF TX Firmware issue
  206. ND Filter on GoPro causing gimbal issues
  207. NEED HELP choosing which starter set to purchase
  208. Suitable Quad trainer?
  209. TBS Discovery Pro 3d/2d digital model
  210. Spinner washer and spacer
  211. TBS Por and Hoverfly Pro
  212. TBS Caipirinha FPV setup
  213. TBS magnetic prop balancer
  214. Ok, this one is bizzare.
  215. TBS69 : Best monitor resolution
  216. What weight can the TBS Disco Pro carry?
  217. OSD disappears during Pitch
  218. TBS Disco Pro: Small Missing Part
  219. TBS EZOSD - Disco Install!!!
  220. Proble: Calibrating failing bcuz motors arm but only after delay and 0 throttle
  221. Discovery vs F450
  222. Gear was stolen, want to build a Discovery Pro.
  223. TBS Discovery Pro/TBS 69 suddendly negative picture
  224. Issues with TBS Pro gimbal control
  225. ESC Brake
  226. TBS 59 stock settings
  227. Pro gimbal control and menue buttons
  228. TBS EZOsd weight vs standard EZosd?
  229. Question about the TBS 750Kv motor and ESC combo
  230. Issues getting disco with naza v2 to talk to PC
  231. Discovery pro OSD
  232. TBS Discovery pro OSD
  233. Progress report: I'm in the air
  234. A2 or WooKong over kill?
  235. Where can I buy a lense cover for tbs69 camera
  236. High Pitch SQEEEEEL from brand new TBS Disco Pro
  237. Flytrex Installation on New Build Disco Pro
  238. Gimbal Manual Control Setup - Pitch not Moving
  239. Crash Investigation - Hit by Santa?
  240. Throttle channel reversing issue
  241. TBS Discovery Pro : Core/OSD issues
  242. Naza-M v2 Firmware v4.02
  243. Use inside Header
  244. Project: 6S Phat Disco Build
  245. TBS 4500mAH fitment with Naza problem. Battery touches expansion cables
  246. LAWMATE PV50
  247. Gimbal is tilting slightly to the left every time when connected to power
  248. Massive Shakes TBS Disco PRO
  249. How does the TBS 69 mount to the camera plate?
  250. New Disco & LED lights: orientation/ nightflight