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  1. My DIY Projects
  2. Build your own Pant/Tilt!
  3. My New 8.5dbi Helical Antenna (DIY)
  4. sublime.f's tweaks, mods and how to's
  5. Tune your 1.2/1.3GHz patch to the proper resonance
  6. Simple 2 pcs wing joiner
  7. 180-degree servo modifications
  8. Cheap and cheerful CF rod and FG rod alternative
  9. Boopidoo combined pan mount+vtx+camera enclosure
  10. Component Repair Service!!!
  11. Fatshark Ski-Goggle Mod
  12. Long(er) range Futaba 2.4 Ghz
  13. IBCrazy, did I do this right?
  14. Doing your own sma connectors, how to do it
  15. Clear up some space at home, mount your RC planes on walls
  16. Sander-style (Ez)UHF antennas
  17. Simple and lightweight front protection for GoPro
  18. How to Setup Long Range FPV Beginners Guide
  19. CAT6 Flat Patch Cable
  20. 3D-Printing Cheap - Has anybody Shapeways.com? (Includes example of $23 GoPro Mount)
  21. Soldering a multi ESC power wire.
  22. Dog fighting anyone?
  23. Easy Wireless PC Monitor
  24. Canopies and other custom cast-resin parts
  25. Parachute deployment
  26. 900mhz 1.3ghz Rx SAW Filter mod
  28. My DOSD groundloop fix
  29. Three position RC controlled switch
  30. fpv heli chair
  31. HELP! to identify part number
  32. Painting Foam?
  33. My DIY 1240MHz Helix
  34. DIY 5.8GHz Helix
  35. FPV Camera cover
  36. DIY 2.45GHz Helix
  37. Fatshark "DOMINATOR LOOK" 2Ģ*
  38. Futaba 9C tray
  39. +1 to IBCrazy
  40. Want to try fiberglass tubes over carbon? LINK
  41. DIY Diversity
  42. SOLUTION: video goggles for the nearsighted!
  43. DIY Immersive FPV helmet
  44. Fatshark Base rj45 mod
  45. resonating and filtering with coaxial cable resonator
  46. Learning more about antennas!
  47. Rocket boosted fpv plane
  48. vision delux video goggle wire colour function
  49. Lipo plug solutions
  50. Cinemizer Ski Goggles Mod
  51. Headplay Liberator A/V mod
  52. circular polarized antenna
  53. Sander style (dipole) or Thomas Scherrer style antenna for Rx
  54. Audio Warning RSSI
  55. New double stacked dipole antenna looks very promising
  56. frsky telemetry on turnigy 9x without rs232/transistor/flying cables/holes
  57. Ritewing Zephyr
  58. Proper wire for building DIY antennas
  59. RECEIVERBOX: 2.4Ghz Lawmate RX, Videosplitter, Recorder
  60. IBCrazy Design diy Circular Polarized Antennas
  61. No more cases on field.
  62. Shielded Cables
  63. DIY Hotwire Tech
  64. What should I build for a small parkflyer?
  65. turnigy TGY 9x9CHw/module&8CH receiver
  66. DIY OSD (Dennis Frie)
  67. JR X9503 PPM mod
  68. Fractal Antenna for 433MHz LRS
  69. Catapult Launcher
  70. :) UAV Experimental Trainer - Crash-free and unlimited flight time!
  71. Customized ER9X (Turnigy 9X) with an extra stick for camera pan/tilt
  72. Scratch Builders (Tips & Techniques).
  73. Need some EPP cut. Can you cut this for me?
  74. For people who fly without goggles...
  75. replacing airwave 5.8ghz module with sky-rf in the fatshark dominator?
  76. 5mm Corflute/Coroplast-over-foam wing build test
  77. 5 euro a can 3m 90 in Germany
  78. A simple DIY collinear antenna for 2.4
  79. Designing....
  80. CorrosionX
  81. Stabilized Retractable Cam Mount for Aerial Photography
  82. DIY 5V switching PSU, lines in picture, whats wrong in design?
  83. SWR meter - Do it yourself project
  84. 1HP FPV Foamy. Wingspan?
  85. DIY Head Tracker
  86. A Better Camera Pan & Tilt Idea?
  87. Split Zephyr
  88. My new head mounted tilt..
  89. DIY prop spacer adapters
  90. 433MHz Half-wave dipole for LRS
  91. Lawmate 2.4GHz TX Tuning instructions - Additional suggestions
  92. DIY Cloverleaf & Skew Planar CP Antenna's Guide [VIDEO]
  93. Gorilla Glue uses
  94. JVC Picsio battery mod
  95. PPM to Analog Converter (For EzUHF RSSI)
  96. BEC Backup
  97. Ultimate useful RF test tool for antennas
  98. Advice needed: Anti LCD Bluescreen device
  99. Belt driven camera gimball
  100. Tips on cutting foam wings with hot wire
  101. US sold Lawmate VTX Locked.
  102. A free circuit emulator for testing those wiring ideas
  103. Harier 7" LCD 5.8Ghz hack
  104. Mats (epp, bluecore, depron, carbon, fiber spars)
  105. The Gigapixel Project
  106. how to keep moisture out of my lens?
  107. DYI fix for HobbyKing Mega 200W X2 charger
  108. Pan-tilt module designs?
  109. cp antennas.
  110. Making my antennas some help please,
  111. pan tilt
  112. DIY: screen+ vrx+ radio in the same case...
  113. Lenshood - why not?
  114. 900 Mhz Problems
  115. CNC Foam Cutter
  116. DX6 PPM mod?
  117. Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Mods
  118. CL + SP question
  119. Range problem with cl and sp antennas
  120. FPV Plane Retrieval
  121. Extending leads to UHF onto my roof :)
  122. AA vs. Lipo - Who's with me?
  123. Where can I get 10-12 gauge wire?
  124. DIY Clover Leaf for 5.8Ghz Transmitter
  125. Ask hackaday: nanoscale precision antennas printed with inkjets...
  126. Solder helping hands - anything else around?
  127. $2 USB Charger for use with 3s Lipo's
  128. I just got a bunch of free Depron... Now what?
  129. Brining soldering tips back to life?
  130. My new favorite foam tool!
  131. Building Custom Motor Mounts
  132. Building / Rebuilding / ReFreshing Electric Motors
  133. Making camera cables for the 4 Wire 4 Pin with the Mini 1.25mm Connector
  134. how to cut motor shaft
  135. Custom servo extensions
  136. sharper picture
  137. Cinemizer cant be powerd up
  138. FrSky DIY Kits
  139. HK 200mw 5.8GHz transmitter on 4S lipo ?
  140. B.A.T. Barometric Antenna Toppler
  141. Bobs ECO Goggles
  142. Best Headplay Ski-Mask Goggle Mod?
  143. Electronics for dummies?
  144. Zephyr Launcher - Will it work?
  145. The Zephyr Launcher build DIY
  146. so how did you get rid of the vibes ?
  147. Resistor Identification
  148. CA/Accelerator and LIPO Charging Systems
  149. DIY 4-Arm Helping Hands Solder Tool
  150. DIY 12/24V high power PS
  151. Some help, please, with DIY goggles Ģ25 but no audio yet....
  152. Mobile Fat Shark Base Editions
  153. cnc router and planes
  154. Open Source Antenna Tracker, here!
  155. Video goggle's dual power
  156. Anybody want a brand new 3 axis camera mount?
  157. New idea / Project and need some advice
  158. Advanced soldering techniques
  159. EOLUS: Aerodynamic camera housing for PAN only
  160. Futaba 7C EZUHF solder DiY
  161. Need help with part for Dragon link REC.
  162. Blank Screen - Need Help
  163. Step Up, Step Down DC-DC converters, inverters
  164. HS81 Servo Mod
  165. Velcro etiquette
  166. Broken Hobbyking HD Wing Camera need help
  167. New Altitude Junkies Universal 400 Motor Mount
  168. New Altitude Junkies Servo Arm Protectors & Underbelly Skids
  169. Wiring Help
  170. Re purposed DVD player as Passenger Monitor
  171. DIY 433MHz Tx antenna tuning by measuring SWR
  172. Goggles with built-in directional antenna and RSSI meter
  173. 1.3 Saw Filter Sanity Check
  174. measuring thrust angle
  175. Fatshark Base mod to AIO 5.8ghz
  176. Do all Vrx have RSSI?
  177. IR cut filters for video cameras
  178. How To: Set a Gopro on fire
  179. Fixed attenuators 5-2050MHz
  180. ZEISS Cinemizer wiring
  181. Backpack Groundstation
  182. Getting the most out of your FPV system
  183. My EzUHF on my Futaba T7C 2.4
  184. 3D printing
  185. Heatsink upgrade for 800mW* 1.3GHz Transmitter
  186. Headplay goggle sun shield mod
  187. DIY Camera mount
  188. Huge FOV goggles - prototype for VR gaming
  189. Stereoscopic Vision for FPV
  190. Custom Flying wing high speed oscillation
  191. Mr T needs help.
  192. How to clean nasty, oily, metal (especially engine parts)
  193. Yoke / Rudder idea
  194. servo basics
  195. Ultra cheap GoPro lens protection.
  196. Making your GOPRO waterproof w/o the heavy case
  197. DC Power suppy...
  198. Grounding Vtx Cable shielding
  199. Anybody here a baking expert?
  200. Perfect anti-vibration, cheap and at the corner from your house !
  201. MatCat's RC / FPV + Arduino Chronicles
  202. DIY headtracker
  203. CNC Hot Wire Cutter
  204. 5.8 GHz helical DIY antenna cable
  205. Purchased 24g 5 conductor shielded wire...
  206. New bare bones GoPro type HD camera
  207. Solid or multi strand for DIY vtx cable run ?
  208. calling all fyosd hornet users...
  209. Net Recovery
  210. DIY 8 channel encoder
  211. SecurityCamera2000 PZ0513 how to use/wire?
  212. Open Source USB2ppm converter
  213. Nunchuck + EZUHF = possible?
  214. Antenna Tracker - Arduino powered, no GPS needed!
  215. Glassing the Easy Star II
  216. Pelican Case Alternatives
  217. Foxtech AIO - Custom connectors
  218. Scratchbuild: R-Wat 1
  219. Anyone intimately familiar with the Weller EC1002 soldering station?
  220. May need a new soldering station...recommendations from guys who use 'em?
  221. "Radar" range dectection of plane - No Gun Required
  222. Custom shielded wires all the way to servo PCB?
  223. Full size control stick!
  224. DIY antenna tracker for RVOSD
  225. The Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Green Thread!
  226. DIY 5.8G cross-hair
  227. Wire Source for DIY antenna, anyone sell a small quantity of wire.
  228. converting fpv tx rx to audio tx rx.
  229. FTDI Cable for Tiny III OSD Programming
  230. MatCat's DIY Arduino Powered Diversity
  231. Fatshark Aviator easy MOD 5.8 Foxtec + 2.4
  232. Video RX antenna plug type?
  233. Cheap and dirty 5.8GHz receiver
  234. Another experimental 5.8ghz CP antenna, Cuptenna ?
  235. I made a BOX!
  236. GPS data logger
  237. DIY Gimbal that is smooth - 2 Axis
  238. Aiptek lipo mod
  239. Fatshark Dominator Mask Mod
  240. FREE materials!
  241. First time PCB Soldering
  242. The 3D printing repository
  243. MatCat's Arduino Powered 433MHz bidirectional control, telemetry, and integrated GS
  244. GBPPR DIY Projects
  245. Another flying wing build...question
  246. SMS rg316 connectors
  247. Gorilla Glue Elmers Formula?
  248. Nitro Hotstart batteries
  249. How to paint the ZII