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Thread: TBS new website

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    Thanks Trappy, that worked, much better now mate.

    As mentioned before, a nice pic of the beautiful mountains that you fly in would be a great background for your home page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brosius85 View Post
    i think you need to put up a "hate mail" section. some of the best laughs i have ever had are from reading people rage about TBS. im sure you keep the best ones locked away .....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    something is messed up with the CSS. all you need to do is refresh the page, then it displays fine. I'm looking into this later today.
    Worked! Thanks- looks great.

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    There is a picture of a hexacopter? DJI 450 is only a quadcopter

    You should also consider using a modern doctype, will probably eliminate some strange cross-browser bugs you are having.

    There is also a lot of helpfull tools to use when making your shop/site available to all users, even the poor ones on IE.
    Html5shiv, Modernizr, normalizr maybe some reset.css and a boilerplate as base are all great tools for making your site
    cross-browser compatible. Will for sure give you a headache adding them now, but should be used from the beginning

    Good luck with the new site, looks good and fresh!

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    Overall the new site looks good. But is the old information still there? You had great tips and tricks section that had things like the video TX modification, Coronna RX RSSI, and lots of other good stuff. I hope that it is still available some where or that you plan on getting it up shortly.

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    if you go into the tuned lawmate page, at the bottom it says:
    The use of this video transmitter requires a HAM technician license. Please note that the use of frequencies 4 - 8 is not permitted in most countries without a single-use license. Check local laws an regulations!
    If you're having problems setting up your video system, please check our fool-proof checklist.
    if you click on "fool proof checklist" it comes up with code! :O
    Do you plan on including the articles in the new site?

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    I was surprised when reading the imprint of tbs-website:
    A company which is operating from Austria and Switzerland "TBS Avionics Ltd." is officially registered in Hong Kong?
    That type of company has got an international touch though :-)

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    the company HQ is in Hong Kong. we have a EU subsidiary that is just handling shipping.

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    @ Trappy
    Are items shipped from a EU member state, IE Austria EU member, Switzerland is not... no import duties between EU members .

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    EU member state

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