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Thread: Checking in from Northeast US

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesa3rd View Post
    Where are you guys chatting about get togethers these days? I'd like to catch up with the group soon.
    Curious as well? Haven't been on the site in ages. Currently in Ma, taking the ferry from Nantucket back to Hyannis and thought I would pop in. I know it is a Holiday weekend but would love to meet up if anyone is around.


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    This thread has really died. Lots of people moved over to Facebook and hardly check in anymore.

    On another note I've got some pretty bad news. Patrick Beagan (forgot his handle here but he participated in this thread) who came to various meets like at benders, nafpv and races in the area has passed away. He couldn't have been older than 40ish really. We chatted a lot, I didn't know him super well but well enough to call him my friend. I really looked forward to hanging out with him at events. We would usually set up next to each other and shoot the shit about all sorts of stuff. Had planned on getting together with our significant others at some point since they seemed to be very much interested the same things. Gonna miss that guy.

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    Josh sorry to hear about Patrick . I probably met him at the last couple of meets. There are a few of us still watching the forum and I keep an eye on FB too.
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