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Thread: Pan-tilt using the GoPro plastic case?

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    Pan-tilt using the GoPro plastic case?

    So I've got my new GoPro Hero Naked sitting at home and I'm working on putting a pan-tilt together for use in my FPV truck.

    Now, I know a bunch of the guys doing pan/tilt just slap together their own from aluminum sheet or hobby plywood, take the hero and just mount it in the pan/tilt bare, without any additional protection. That's fine as far as it goes, but doesn't offer much protection against dirt, dust and moisture when tooling around on the ground.

    The Hero comes with this nice spiffy waterproof case from GoPro, that with a little bit of modification could serve as a basic protection case. Obviously it wouldn't be completely waterproof as I would have to drill a hole in the side of the case so that the video out plug could be used, and a second hole if I want to add USB power to the mix. So I'm accepting that I will be compromising some of the waterproof capability of the case. That's fine, I'm not mounting it on an RC boat or sub.

    Now, I could just remove the existing mounting hardware with a hacksaw and add in side hinges. That would work OK I suppose, but seems excessive and likely to cause structural failure of the plastic case. Ideally I'd like to find a way to mount it such that I can use it's built-in hinge to serve for the tilt mechanism. Has anyone here actually tried to use it that way, or do you all just build your own pan/tilt and run the thing without protection? And if you did use the existing case, can you post some pictures? I have a good idea of what I'd like to do, but am a bit unsure on the exact implementation.


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    Great idea, you could just put silicone on the hole(s) and it would be waterproof again.
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    i use the pair of gopro's mostly for wakeboarding, shooting guns and driving footage instead of r/c or fpv so i have LOTS of broken gopro parts.

    i did something similar that's pan only. (really dont need tilt on the wide angle gopro lens's. and if you do... shoot in 960@480 as it's quite tall)

    first, i took one of the broken clips that the camera attaches to the case. epoxied that into an old standard sized airtronics servo horn. it is not removable, but the servo is also quite strong VS all the smaller mounts i've ever seen.
    (it's arms were sheared off in a slaloming incident. they say DO NOT use their mounting system on wakeboards/ski's/etc and they ARE NOT KIDDING LoL! their mounting system is quite pissy LoL!)

    second, youll notice the original gopro case has very small foam strips to keep slight pressure on the camera inside the case & help with impacts. i added lots more foam. (bad experiences with them knocking about in the case in huge impacts)

    third, i drilled a pair of small holes in the case to pass some strong fishing leader line through to act as a lanyard that hard mounts to the plane then sealed it there with epoxy to keep it water tight. weighs nothing & makes me feel better.

    sounds like overkill, but i've had gopros find interesting ways of busting in other uses

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