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Thread: Hello from Colorado

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    Hello from Colorado

    Hi, I joined a while ago, but didn't have the time to keep up with everything, Wow! A lot has happened in antennae in the past year. Over a year ago, I put an IBCrazy Vee on my Blade 400 and flew it a bit until some problems took me out. (not problems from the Vee but from the cheap FlyMentor I was using....) Got too busy with life to fix it, so I've been away for a bit. Now I come back and everyone is building CP antennas! Looks like I've got some catching up to do now that life is settling down some...


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    Welcome to the Lab! There's tons of us CO guys here, over 30! Let's see some pics of that heli!

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    Where at in Colorado, Dave? There's a pretty good representation of our great state on here. We actually just had a great meet a few weeks back with 20+ local flyers in attendance. Join our group, and welcome back!

    Brooks, N7BLD

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    Welcome back... where are you located? There are a few of us here in CO, I am new to FPV myself but I think I am starting to get things figured out. Others have a lot of experience.

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    Thanks, guys! I'm in Westminster, CO and a member of the Arvada club. I know I missed a great get-together near Hartsel. Had to work, as usual.... But, I enjoyed the videos!!

    Pics and videos will have to wait for a bit as I'm still pulling my stuff together from the last crash. Been away for long enough that although I can still fly pretty well, I have to review all of my gyro programming and setup, etc. before I commit her to the air again. I guess more than anything, I really got disgusted when the FlyMentor that I 'had' mounted on it (which performed great in the backyard tests) dumped it into the runway a split second after take-off. I just put the heli on the bench after stripping the offending FlyMentor off and let it sit...

    Lot of stuff to catch up on here in the fpv world. Amazing that you can turn around and find that a lot of the stuff you collected for fpv is just about obsolete... Lol! It'll do for now though. Just won't have the nice clean video feed that I see posted on the net these days. I've got a ways to go, but I'm at least working on stuff again!


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