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Thread: TBS DISCOVERY - New quadrocopter frame

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    @trappy, just ordered a core for my discovery, how do i connect up to get an RSSI reading from my EzUHF transmitter?

    I'm assuming it's a signal and ground connection cable from the bottom plate (RSSI tabs) to the receiver tracks on the top plate (ch8) and then a signal and ground cable from the top side connections to the RSSI port on the EzUHF (the (pico blade) one under the antenna connections)… ?

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    use immersionRC tools to ouput e.g. to channel 8 the "RSSI Link Quality". Then connect signal and GND of ch8 through top plate into the RSSI port at the bottom of the board. you do not need the picoblade connector. after you must calibrate the RSSI info on the CORE according to our manual:

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    Thanks for the swift reply…

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    Has anyone been flying the discovery with the Tiger MT-2216-11-900KV motors? If so what was your prop size and brand of choice on 3S or 4S? I'm current running the APC 10"x4.7 and I'm a bit low on the throttle stick (at about 35% hovering). Seem like the props could go down in size to 9". I've also got plenty of punch on 3s 4000mah. I tried 4S 3300mah but that was a bit much for my style.

    Trappy didn't you say you had these motors at one time?


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    What's everyone running on gains with the naza FC with full fpv gear? Just looking for a close starting point thanks
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    wow, cant wait to see the solution trappy is coming up for vibration. Just made my own mount out of the green earplugs, they must put magic in those things because all my vibration and jello is completely gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechnan View Post
    Anybody who is building a Discovery and is using the Naza, feel free to copy my PID settings, I just spent 3h fine tuning them
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    Here are my settings, posted them a couple of pages ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechnan View Post
    Here are my settings, posted them a couple of pages ago
    Thankyou sir..

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisbrit81 View Post
    looks like I'll have to upgrade to 4S LiPo if I want to use my 9" graupner props, calc says hover at 70% throttle, eeek
    you can use 9 graupner on 4s but also 10 apc, i would change the prop adapters for that motors for the ones that bolt directly into the motor bell, i loose a quad previously for that reason, that shaft becomes butter when high input of throttle is applied, the adapter flies away with the props :/

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    Hello all,

    I'm 100% noob here and really interested in building my first FPV ship out of a F450. Would it be rude if I didn't read the entire thread? I'm wondering if I"d be a total looser if I just asked a few questions?

    Are there any combos out? I"ve looked around briefly and didn't see any.
    Or is there a list of components out there I need to purchase? Maybe a manual?

    I understand FPV is going to be a bumpy road but this thing is looking pretty well though out and maybe there's an FAQ or manual or something out there.

    Be nice if I'm being a lazy turd and need to get reading.

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