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Thread: S.Port telemetry to OSD on Mojo230?

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    S.Port telemetry to OSD on Mojo230?

    Hello. I have a Mojo230 with an s.port receiver. I have the s.port wire of the RX connected to UART#2's Rx port and have an extra "servo" connector installed to the 5V, Gnd, and RX of that port as well. I configured UART2 to SmartPort in BetaFlight. With no extra s.port sensors connected to the servo connector, I get full voltage, power, amps, consumption in the OSD and on my x10s telemetry screens. If I add Vario and GPS s.port sensors to the servo connector, I get that telemetry back on my Tx as well.......however, I don't get any GPS or altitude data in the OSD?

    Can you display additional S.Port telemetry in the 230 OSD? I find it strange that it's sharing all the power data over the s.port bus, but not the additional sensor data. Any info you can provide would be appreciated.


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    ANYONE??? The ImmersionRC website points here as the "preferred" location for online support. So far, it seems non-existent?


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    The answer is no, it can't display s.port telemetry.
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    Ok. That's too bad. Thanks for the reply.

    If I set UART2 to FRSky telemetry instead of S.Port, would THAT telemetry make it to the OSD?

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