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Thread: Crossfire Nano RX Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by derEnCh View Post
    Hi Tim, I had the exact same issue but I could resolve it
    1. Connect the Micro TX via USB to your PC
    2. Open the TBS Agent and enable "Inlcude unstable releases"
    3. Wait for the TBS Agent to download Firmware Update
    4. Select the 2.25 Firmware and flash it to the Micro TX

    Once this is done proceed with the regular Binding Proceedure:
    1. Switch on the TX and enable bind Mode
    2. Power RX without pressing the Bind button - the LED will become red
    3. TX will ask you for updating the Receiver
    4. Proceed with the update and once done its bound perfectly fine !!

    Hope this also is fixing your issue.
    I suspect thats related to the region setting on the TX. When I powered it up I directly was setting the region to CE....

    Regards Christian
    Awesome support! Thx!!

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    As mentioned in my previouse post, the update to 2.25Beta on the MicroTX does the trick to bind the Receiver.

    Reason for this is:
    With 2.24 binding does only work if the MicroTX is inn OPEN mode, however I did set it to CE Mode previous to binding.
    You can bring the MicroTX back into OPEN mode if you press the Button on the TX at least 10 times.
    Then goto the LUA Menu und you will see that the TX is unlocked again.

    If the bind still fails update to 2.25Beta and try again.

    This allowed me to bind my 1st Receiver however the second receiver always failed to bind.

    Usually during power up the Receiver goes automatically to bin mode (slow blinking green led) if he never was bound before.
    But mine started with a solid green led - Binding was not possible.

    But you can bring the NanoRX in recover mode.
    - Switch off TX
    - Hold the Bind button and Power the RX (fast blinking green led)
    - Release the Button (still fast blinking green led)
    - Now press and hold the bind button again for at least 10s and the led will slowly blink green indicating its now in the bind mode

    - Switch on TX and Bind it

    I guess all the above mentioned steps should enable everybody to bin it

    Have fun

    Best Regards


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