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Thread: Tbs unify pro v3 - smartaudio with betaflight problem

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    Tbs unify pro v3 - smartaudio with betaflight problem

    Hello guys,
    I have a kind of problem with the unify pro v3 connected to a dys f4 pro FC, which the problem is every time I power up the drone, there is a very weak transmission from the unify, so what I do is getting very close with the rx and get into the vtx settings via the fc osd, and then I just go to 'set' tab and choose set-yes, and then the video transmission is good. I have to mention that the frequency and the transmission power is presetted by me via the osd and it saved well, the only issue is that at system start it's not transmitting well and every reset I need to press 'set' at the vtx tab on the osd.
    the smartaudio cable is connectedto the vtx6 on the fc and defined on betaflight as uart6 smartaudio.
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Had the same issue with a Unify pro HV you need disable pit mode.

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    Read the manuals for your products people

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