So new to this forum and looking for some information, perhaps some mentoring. Done the ready made drones for a bit, had some fun but need to move onward and upward (all puns intended). Done some research and like the TBS Discovery for the core but have some interests a bit unique considering where I am (Alaska) and how I plan to employ the drone. I like the idea of the endurance model and the use of the Pixhawk Autopilot; the use of QGroundControl of particular interest. I am conformable with my building skills and from what I have read an watched on YouTube should not have great difficulties putting it together myself. Where my difficulties lay is the components and modifications for the high endurance/autopilot set up. TBS Website talks about the high endurance but doesn't list any parts.

I would greatly appreciate some assistance and any mentoring. Any pictures of similar setups would be extremely helpful.