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Thread: Advice and plans needed.

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    Advice and plans needed.


    I am looking for some help. My son is wanting to start a drone-based game counting business in South Africa. Most game farmers are loathe to do regular game counts as the price of getting a helicopter out is way too expensive.

    This is where the drone comes in. Now, there are a list of requirements and I am turning to your expertise for some advice. I am sacrificing brevity for the sake of clarity so please forgive me if this is a rather long post.

    He is looking to build the drone himself so he is looking for plans that satisfy the following:
    • Short take off and landing
    • Rough terrain take off and landing
    • Extended flying time (need to cover very large areas)
    • Low speed capable
    • Easy to fly
    • High wind operation capable
    • Must be able to carry a fairly heavy payload
    • FPV :-)
    • Wingspan under 2M
    • Twin engines would be an advantage as would a high or mid wing configuration.

    I realist that this is quite a shopping list and would really appreciate some direction and advice.

    Thank you

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    I suggest you consider Wingsland S6 Pocket drone.

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