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Thread: TBS Crossfire + FLARM + Autopilot

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    TBS Crossfire + FLARM + Autopilot

    TBS Crossfire does require the TBS GPS in order to enable FLARM support.
    However, many existing planes already have GPS onboard for navigation. It would be cool if the GPS could be shared, so no second GPS would need to be installed.

    Any ideas on that?
    As far as I can tell, the TBS GPS attaches to the BST bus which is I2C. Can anyone with an oscilloscope tell if there is serial data available inside the GPS module which could be attached to a Pixhawk board?

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    TBS Blackbox with Core pro will fully integrate with NAZA GPS. That may help you out with multirotors...

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    for flarm you need a "low level acces" to the gps. atm only the tbs gps got it but some other systems will also get it

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