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Thread: omnibus f4sd and crossfire, wiring suggestions?

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    omnibus f4sd and crossfire, wiring suggestions?

    tried tx/rx3 and tx/rx6 and no luck. put tx on sbus uart6, ch2 onto rx6 and it all seems to work

    i have seen suggestions to try tx/rx3 and tx/rx6 never had any luck

    anyone have any experience with this board?

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    Link to specific board may help. I have a couple RTFQ Omni F4 Pro boards with Xfire, they use uart 1 & SBUS...and have three different ways to connect a receiver (Spek sat plug, servo pins, or small micro JST plug...all uart 1) so it'll work with pretty much anything.
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    thanks, this one here, wired as shown in photo, rssi, everything works
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	flip-32-f4-omnibus-v3  w.jpg 
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    I have the pro version of that board, it has a plug instead of those pins, and the receiver is set on uart 1 in the iNav configurator no matter which of the spots it's connected. Have you maybe configured it as a non-inverted receiver in the Xfire menus? What firmware are you using...iNav, BetaFlight?

    Pic of how it's wired may help too, you're calling it ch6 when it's SBUS & uart not sure what you got going on.

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    thanks fyathyrio, it is wired to the crossfire micro as shown, and there is no option for non-inverted in cf menu. channel 1 from the cf is to ppm/sbus uart6 enabled, channel 2 from cf is to ch4/rx6 as shown. this is the diagram from the place i bought it from and matches the board

    this is setup in betaflight 3.2.2, latest fw on crossfire.

    took it out yesterday and it flew perfect and ventured out 1/2 mile with still plenty left on the rssi

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    Well, it's working, so life is good! Micro v2 has option for inverted or non-inverted, guess v1 doesn't.

    I've been out about 3 miles on 10mW, if you feed link quality into RSSI you'll get a more stable reading.

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