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Thread: Antenna mounting, positioning, and shrink tube effects on 2 4GHz Rx for medium range

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    Antenna mounting, positioning, and shrink tube effects on 2 4GHz Rx for medium range

    I've read conflicting information on the 'carbon' black heat shrink (what about red?) or antenna tubing affecting the Rx's range.

    What have you guys found that works best in terms of 2.4GHz Rx antenna orientation (90-degree "V" vs "L" vs straight up and down)...

    Also, how do you brace the antenna? Zip ties, heat shrink, coffee stirrers, antenna tubes, etc... Thanks.

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    Antenna orientation on model is less important than antenna alignment between tx & rx. Your transmitter and receiver should match horiz or vert. The V is good for long range planes that aren't going to be doing aerobatics, L is better for more maneuverable planes, but make sure lower leg will most likely align with transmitter antenna when plane is banked. Simple plastic like coffee stir sticks or zip ties won't really affect rf waves, use what works best for that install. Main concern is stuff that blocks rf, like batteries, carbon fiber, and anything with high water content.

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