I have a new Rotor X Atom with the Colibri Race 2.0 FC setup to BF 3.2. I have setup my TX and now I am working with Betaflight to get this going. I have the ESC's set to Dshot 300. I have recorded a short YT video to show what is going on

(0 min 40 sec)

Here is a brief discussion about the issue. When I Arm the quad, the motors are unresponsive and are twitching. If I use BF to check the motors, they don't spin, but the FC will beep with every movement/change of the master motor controller.

I used TBS Adjent to update OSD and update FC. I was able to run BLheli Configurator and updated all esc's to 16.63DShot. When I hook up battery and Arm, the motors just sit there and twitch. They stop when I disarm.

PLEASE help!!