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Thread: TBS Discovery Pro + TBS69 cam = color problem

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    Question TBS Discovery Pro + TBS69 cam = color problem

    Hello all

    i need your help about this because look no body speak about this problem on the TBS69 cam.

    i follow the configuration on this official video but the camera not keep the configuration. i mean what i choose is stay but the color of the camera change after i turn off on the discovery pro.
    i must plug the remote and go to change the White Ballance to put it back on AWB and save etc.. For info : its stay on AWB but i must go to another one and select back AWB and enter to go to save... and this every time i turn on the TBS discovery pro. without this the color is very yellow but when i choose back AWB the picture is perfect.

    i already bought 2 new TBS69 and i change the top plate pro and same result... i realy dont know what to do is complicated each time to plug unplug the remote and no place for it.

    hope with your knwoledge you can help me. (the quality of this cam is great for me after i put back AWB)

    my setup if its help:
    camera feed 12v vtx immersion 600mw on 12v board soldered. naza-m v2 with dji miniosd, Tbs discovery pro (last version of toplate and botom plate), gopro 4 black, on PPM mod drone and gopro switch, graupner GR-16 and radio graupner MZ-24 Pro, lipo multistar 4S 5200mah 10C etc..

    Thank you alot to the Team TBS for this great drone

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    no body use this cam ? :/ or evey body stop using the discovery pro ?

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    Did you contact team black sheep already?

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    yes and after that ordered the parts top plate and 2 tbs69 but no result

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