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Thread: TBS Unify Memory Corruption

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    TBS Unify Memory Corruption

    Hi All,

    I've been working with TBS Support to try to resolve this issue, but several months have passed and I still can't fly. I think I have a decent handle on the bug, I can reliably reproduce, but not reliably rectify.

    I wired my TBS Unify v2 (5v) to a Omnibus F4, 5v gnd and video are all good (this has been determined after extensive testing). The SmartAudio was wired to a UART, and for whatever reason, all the UARTs I've tried on this board do NOT work with SmartAudio. In each case, the TBS Unify starts jumping around Channels, Bands, and will get stuck in pitmode occasionally. I've attached videos and images of this behavior. And here's where I get to "Memory Corruption":

    If I then disconnect the battery, detach the SmartAudio line, and then restart the TBS Unify, it will continue to broadcast across bands and channels. This to me, suggests that I've somehow overwritten the startup parameters of the TBS Unify. And the question I've repeatedly asked of TBS Support is "how do I reset from this state!?!?" I can get back to normal state by using the push-button and moving through the menus repeatedly, but this method is unreliable at best.


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    you can basically reset it to default by unlocking it and then lock it again.

    Can you share the ticket number you have with TBS?

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I had not tried that before. Unfortunately the issue persisted after locking/unlocking the Unify. Here's my TBS support ticket: 731899.

    The method I used was to go to the Band menu, hold for 25 seconds, and I did see BLUE/RED led change to just red on both lock and unlock. But, when in this state, sometimes the LEDs do not blink the way I would expect when changing menus.

    Is there another method I can try?

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