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Thread: TBS Vendetta for long range mountain flying

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    TBS Vendetta for long range mountain flying

    Dear all
    After several years in "traditional" RC-Flying, I would like to extend my hobby with FPV. I would like to fly a TBS Vendetta in the mountains. I need a complete setup. Did I miss something, or should I press that checkout button? Does this setup make sense to start from scratch?

    Please see the attached screenshot.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Looks good but bigger battery, 2200mah size.

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    Thanks, yes I know, but these batteries are not available at the moment in the TBS store.

    What I'm not sure about is, if there are all needed antennas included?

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    maybe save money and pick some batteries up from elsewhere? Antenna included are ok

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    why don't you just get a DJI Mavic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolmaracing View Post
    why don't you just get a DJI Mavic?
    cant compare flying a vendetta to flying a self controlled drone like dji toys, those fly alone, still mistifies me that people crash those toys when all they do is look it fly by itself.
    a vendetta at leat your in charge, your the one controlling the machine, makes it 1000x better and worth the effort. if one thinks about flying a dji you might as well just watch youtuve video's, your gonna get pretty much the same feeling.

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