Hi Support,

I'd like to build my 1st X-Class (1000mm) Racer, but I don't like to miss the FPVision.
The Problem is, the Copter will be powered by 6S, 60A per Motor. My idea is to just connect one or two motors to the Powercube PDB, to not overload the current sensor. I guess, the battery-estimator will work fine, it will just show half of the current, and half of the consumed mAHs. The Percentage should stay ok, because it should just "think" that the LiPo has half of the real capacity, because it drops twice fast as expected (Battery current will be double of the measured one).
My worry is the very powerful regenerative break. 6S, 60A with heavy 14-16" Props will cause a high current when beaking occurs. How resistant is the FPVision against Spikes at 6S? I know it's rated for 6S, but what is the maximum peak voltage it can survive?
I am planning to use this ESCs:
And T-Motor F1000 with Graupner 14" E-Props.