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Thread: ZOHD Nano Talon, tiny plane with BIG potential!

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    Yesterday I flew towards another handy landmark a little further away, a nearby 2500ft mountain with a nice antenna forest on top that's 3.5mi from my usual flying location. Mt has a relatively smooth slope, so was easy to stay around 400ft AGL yet still reach the peak. Control and video signal both held fine until I got parallel the antennas...kinda expected some issues when I got up there. The plane handled the higher winds aloft just fine, as did iNav, just crabbed into the wind as needed to maintain heading and kept a smooth course. Really like how well iNav handles the various flight modes on this tiny plane, under the hood it flies as if it was larger.

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    Question to the people that have INAV'd the nano talon, has anyone done it with the 1 Aileron servo and 1 rudder/elevator servo? Or it better to mod for 2 x servos for rudder.

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    My first flight I felt good enough to post up in the long range distance thread here. Best flight frame a little less distance than end of flight summary, I'll let you pick your fav. Review after flight shows I aimed plane at wrong mountain compared to where antennas were pointed, so still plenty of range in this setup.

    22674 ft = 4.29 mi = 6.91 km


    22841 ft = 4.33 mi = 6.96 km

    Stock ZoHD Nano Talon
    Flip32 F4 Omnibus V3 Pro & M8N GPS to run iNav
    Self built 4.2Ah Li Ion 3S pack
    Eachine TX526 5.8GHz VTx set on 600mW
    IBCrazy VAS Ion antenna

    Ground station made out of tall tripod and wood scraps to get antennas about 12' high
    Twin diversity receivers with 1 omni and 1 ebay BartExtreme 7 turn helical each.
    Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes
    Generic 20mW 5.8VTx to rebroadcast to goggle & monitor

    Quanum Pro HMD with many mods
    Aomway 7" DVD monitor

    Any suggestions for free software to make 10 min vids out of 40 minute flights?

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    So you did 18 miles total flight distance?

    For vids, i use Davinci Resolve 14. Free verdion. Easy, lots of youtube videos on it, color grading, whatever you need for free.

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    Oh, forgot to update this thread, last weekend I did 5.3 miles out, total flight of 23 miles, still over 10V on 3S li ion battery...just had flown enough. This little guy is wicked efficient, may have to try some really long range on 1.3GHz with a little Singularity antenna tucked inside.

    Thanks for the tip on the video editor. I'll definitely check it out after this semester is over.

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    Wow, thats amazing. How does it handle the wind? Stable at all or very roll sensitive on the journey?

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    iNav still needs to be tuned a bit, it's a little twitchy on roll...likely can fix with dialing down PIDs some. It's not a major concern of mine, keeps on course fine, just reacts a little quick to the wind moving it. Other than that flies just fine, particularly for a plane that's so light. With proper video equipment, this could hit 15 miles.

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