I am using a Tango remote control with the Crossfire TX and diversity RX. I have configured SPPM from channel 1 on the RX to the SPPM input on the Eagle Tree Vector flight controller. The Tango has left and right spring dials set to channels 9 and 10 and I am mapping the channels to outputs 5 and 6 on the RX. I am hoping to use channels 5 and 6 to control pan and tilt on my camera system. The idea is to use one spring dial for pan and the other for tilt. Right now this is working but the response time is deathly slow. It may take as much as 10 seconds to pan from one stop to the other. Same with the tilt control.

Is it possible to modify the sensitivity on the spring dials so that they respond faster? I have checked the manual and the forums, but I cannot find any information about this. The Vector does offer response adjustments for the channels mapped to that device but I do not have any spare channels there.