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Thread: NAZA and ESC's - compatibility problems?

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    NAZA and ESC's - compatibility problems?

    I have tried searching using quite a few different words to describe my problem and found no results - however I am prepared for some of you to reply that this has been covered many times.

    I am in the process of building a cheap 450 flamewheel quad, I want to try mounting a gimbal and camera and just having some nice aerial shots. So I bought a cheap kit from China, if I find I enjoy it I will upgrade parts as I discover more. It came with the frame, four motors 2212-920Kv, and four Mystery 30Amp ESC's, I do not know what firmware they are running. For the flight controller, because I wanted to try GPS, I bought a NAZA Lite.

    I have built a few quads in the past and my soldering is OK and I am careful to double check polarity etc. when connecting everything up.

    My problem is - I cannot get the NAZA to talk to the ESC's - only one motor spun during the motor test in the DJI assistant software. I checked connections etc and swapped motors and only one ESC's seemed to work, ESC and motor 1 (I don't know if this is a coincidence that the first one worked and the rest failed) so I blamed the cheap kit and thought that I was unlucky and 3 of the ESC's didn't work (although if I held them close to my ear when I powered up - they all made the startup beep). So I ordered 4 more ESC's from Amazon, 30Amp red SimonK flashed ones (still cheap ones because I don't have a lot of money) and none of these work with the NAZA assistant motor test, they also beep on power up.

    Searching the internet I have found people who have had similar problems and seem to say that NAZA sometimes doesn't seem to run with some versions of firmware on some ESC's - anyone here have similar problems?

    I don't have various flash accessories to re-flash the ESC's (I do have and Arduino) and I don't have a different flight controller to just check the ESC's independently.

    Can anybody suggest what I can do now?

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    What reciever do you have? If it has individual channel outputs you can test your escs (they will need to be connected to the motors to test they spin) on the throttle channel.

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    if it is a china made top and bottom plate, I would check first that there is even power goin to all 4 power pads. if there is, do what tom cutler suggested with the throttle channel on ur rx. calibrate all 4 esc's in the process.
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    Thank you for replying.

    I have a FlySky FS-TH9X with a Smartieparts board in it and I normally use a FrSky XJT module so my receivers and flight controllers use ppm. But I do still have my original TH9X module and a receiver that has individual channels.

    Do do you mean I can connect each motor direct to the throttle channel on the receiver individually - of course providing power separately - without going through the Naza?

    i will try this to ensure all other connections are correct.

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    Thank you for replying.

    I wanted to to have decent clean power distribution - especially for the vtx - so I used a power distribution board with supposedly clean different voltage outputs - because I intend to fly decent distances to film. I didn't trust the the pub built into the plates.

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    I have now connected up my old module and old receiver and did the test on each individual motor and they all work perfectly. So I am certain power and signal is getting to each ESC and motor.

    But when I try the NAZA assistant software I cannot use the motor test - clicking on each motor in turn has no effect at all - any ideas?

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    Are they opto or ubec esc's? If they have ubec you could try removing the 5v that goes back to the FC.

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