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Thread: Beeper works fine until it flips upside down

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    Beeper works fine until it flips upside down

    This is the problem. I have a Blade Vortex 150 Pro. When a battery is connected I get the Mario tune all is well. Aux 2 pos 1 disarm .Aux 2 pos 0 is Arm. Aux1 pos 3 is beeper, 2 is Horizon, 1 is Acro/Air.
    The Problem 1: When its setting on the ground the beeper works fine with the switch, but it will never beep/alarm, just setting with the throttle all the way down. Arm is on and it is in Horizon mode. 30 sec 5 min no difference.
    2: If its setting on the ground the alarm will work by the switch, but it takes a roll in the grass and lands upside down. No beeper/alarm, I can see in the goggles where I can arm/ dis-arm, change modes. If you un-plug/plug the battery the beeper/alarm works fine again. I have connected the battery, put it in horizon mode, armed it and set the TX down. Then twisted the quad all around left it upside down the beeper works fine. It just seems it must take a roll to not go into lost model alarm. When connected to Betaflight the beeper switch works fine.

    All channels on the Spektrum DX6 are 1000 -1500 2000
    On the config tab: Min Throttle 1025, Max Throttle 2000, Minimum command 1015
    On the receiver tab: Stick Min 1010 Center 1500 Stick Max 1990
    Anyone have Ideas?

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    That is strange what firmware versions are you using? Can you try removing beeper from a switch and see if its get triggered automaticaly after you dissarm and put throttle down?

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    I got all the latest firmware from the Immersion site And the CLI in Beaflight says # Betaflight / IRCSYNERGYF3 3.3.7 I will remove the beeper today and see if that works.
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    I re flashed it OSD and FC Firmware now its fine Thanks for the Info

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    Great, thank you for your feedback.

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