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Thread: Tramp HV - what to do with AUDIO wire when you do not need audio

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    Tramp HV - what to do with AUDIO wire when you do not need audio

    Good Afternoon ImmersionRC Support,
    If I opt to not use AUDIO on a Tramp HV do I need to ground the AUDIO wire?

    Can I just clip the AUDIO wire at the connector which goes into the Tramp HV?

    If I do not use AUDIO wire on the TrampHV will the signal sent by the Tramp HV be more narrow with less possibility of interface?

    Thank you in advance!


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    No, this is a nonsense claim, audio sidebands will still be there, but they will see no modulation. Grounding audio pins does not make the audio sideband(s) magically disappear, on ANY Vtx, so you can ground it, and risk pickup due to a ground loop, or just leave it disconnected.
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    Evening Ssassen,
    Thank you for the info and quick response!


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