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Thread: Solar RC Planes Project

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    Solar RC Planes Project

    I am starting this thread to share my Solar RC Planes Project that I am working on. The project still in it's initial conceptualize phase and planning stage. I am working on the project in a slow and steady pace to verify and validate all the thoughts and ideas in each of the stages as it is very costly to invest / spend in buying wrong components for the project.

    Feel free to visit my Solar RC Planes blog and YouTube channel which I have created to share my project with the Solar RC Hobby community.

    My YouTube Channel:

    My Blog:

    I will be doing regular updates on the project in my Blog and YouTube channel as and when I make some progress.

    I welcome any constructive comments and feedbacks to share and exchange ideas and knowledge. I will also do my very best to reply to any questions or queries in regards to my Solar RC Planes project.

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    I am pleased to share an updated on the planned project stages document as per the following video link:


    This project is a learning process for me which expose me into many RC related devices / components as well as to acquire some knowledge related to Solar Energy.

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    It will be great if you could make it.

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    You should hook up with Daniel-RCTestflight:

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    Quote Originally Posted by betty View Post
    It will be great if you could make it.
    Thanks. I will do my best as this is my 1st Solar RC Plane project. I have done lots of research with reference to the other Solar RC Plane projects shared in the Internet and conceptualised my version of Solar RC Plane project.

    I will do making constant / regular updates on the progress of the project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Bullit View Post
    You should hook up with Daniel-RCTestflight:

    Thanks for the info sharing. I have actually gone through all of his videos and certainly he has shared very useful information and knowledge base on his various versions of experimental Solar RC Plane. I have learned some very useful knowledge and information from Daniel.

    I am doing something different here for my project as I will not be using onboard OSD, which is a challenge that I will need to overcome to fully understand the voltage status of the onboard LiPo battery (which at time use to power the Power System if needed and also being charge by the Solar Charge Controller) when the Solar Plane is cruising and flying in the Air.

    Reason for not using the OSD device as I do not like to wear the goggle or looking at a displace panel on ground. I would like to enjoy watching the Plane flying and cruising in the air when I am flying the plane.

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    I am pleased to share on the following latest created project document Doc 4 - Configuration with all the components to be used for the project:


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    I have decided to scratch build the plane to be used for the Solar RC Plane project. I have established on two Models (please refer to the attached photos) with measurements on the various parts of the Plane which I am seeking for inputs / advises on the following:

    1. Which model is considered a viable model to be used?
    2. For the viable model, what are the improvement / fine tuning on the various measurements on the various parts of the Plane?

    Please note that the drawing is not drawn in proportion on the measurements stated.

    My plan is to use a 4S LiPo battery with carefully selection of efficient Motor, ESC and Propeller to power the plane.

    Greatly appreciate and thanks in advance for any inputs / advises given on the above.

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    I am pleased to share on my project Doc 5 with information on the design of the Plane as well as the weight of all the components for the Solar RC Plane project:


    Feel free to share on your feedback, inputs or any suggestions.

    Thanks for viewing.


    P.S.: For some reason I am not able to embed the YouTube video into the thread. Perhaps, someone can advise me the know how. Thanks

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    use the page link on the computer when using the insert video icon.
    ipads and iPhones change the link so it is not useable with the embed function
    should look like this


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