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Thread: Diamond bi-square omnidirectional antenna design help

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    Diamond bi-square omnidirectional antenna design help


    I was a bit searching in the web and found some nice looking and hopefully working antennas.

    Did made the 4 leaf square antenna (also known as omnidirectional biquad).

    Now I did see you can make it with just one leaf.. But also two leafs.
    As far I could find with two leafs in standing 8 form will have a horizontal high gain.
    But on another website it should be mounted like a flat 8.

    So now I'm not sure.

    But to keep this going.
    I also found a diamond shape version. And it could be even a more higher gain.

    Should I give it a try to make a standing 8 in diamond shape or will this not work properly?

    A 3D nec simulation would be nice =)

    So no reflectors like the directional bi-quad.

    It's for on my plane.
    Long distance low flights. No high banking

    Looking for a flat donut compact omnidirectional lineair 2.5GHz antenna.

    Oh if this is the wrong topic plz move it.
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    Made one.
    2510MHz goal.

    One leaf in this shape works.
    2 or more not.

    With two leafs horizontal on about 105/75 degrees angle it works.
    But not with the diamond shaped 135/55 degrees. Impedance of 26 Ohm

    Will try some other versions.

    Trial 3 leaf
    Probably about 3GHz but way to low impedance.

    2 leaf (semi square)
    Little low frequency here but good enough to see what it does.

    --+Fiveleafclover antenna service NL +--
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