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Thread: Can't get passed "Waiting for PPM", can't enter OSD menu

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    Can't get passed "Waiting for PPM", can't enter OSD menu

    Hi all,

    [SOLVED]: BST cable from Rx to FPVision stack is not sufficient, one needs to connect the Rx channel(s) as well.

    I have a Powercube 2in1 FPVision with a Crossfire Micro receiver and GPS/Compass connected to it (via BST splitter). Running the standard Crossfire Module on the Tx. I have updated the CRSF Tx, Rx and GPS/Compass via TBS agent (using a PNP Pro for the Micro Receiver) to the latest stable version. I did not reflash the Colibri. Binding the Micro RX worked like a charm, green solid LED on both Tx and Rx.

    After powering up the Powercube it runs through the selftest, detects the GPS and then says RC calibration needed. I only get "Waiting for PPM", with centered sticks on the Taranis running OpenTX 2.2.0 final with channel order TAER. On the CRSF Tx, when I enter the menu, and go to "Micro RX", Output 1 is set to PPM. If I override the RC calibration, I see the OSD but cannot enter the OSD menu with throttle 0 and yaw left.

    Switching through the different protocols with the button on the OSD does not bring up anything useful but shortly but horribly violently spins up the connected endurance motors almost every time the protocol is switched. You might want to consider fixing that.

    Any clue what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
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