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Thread: FPVision + Colibri + WingLayer + iNav

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    FPVision + Colibri + WingLayer + iNav

    Hi Guys,

    I's like to use the FPVision Setup for my Flying Wings. I am just not sure, if this is working in the way I'd like to have.
    Currently I use an Omnibus F4 v3 in my Planes. A serial GPS (Ublox M8N) is connected, Navigation works, Home Arrow in the integrated Betafligh-OSD also works. A Micro v2 is connected by PWM1/2, working in CRSF Mode. The Crossfire TX shows the GPS Coordinates in it's little Display, very nice! Taranis Telemetry also works out of the Box.
    If I connect the CF Micro TX by CRSF to a Colibri Board, and BST Bus to the FPVision, will I see the GPS Data (incl. Home Arrow and Home Distance) in the FPVision OSD? Or do I need a 2nd TBS OSD, also connected by BST? If not:
    AFAIK, the UBlox M8N GPS supports both Serial and I2C Connection. Would it be a solution to connect the GPS UART to the Colibri FC, and the I2C to the FPVision?
    I like to avoid 2 GPS Modules on my Wing. For me it's fine to use a TBS GPS, or the UBlox M8N, but both would be crazy.
    And - any idea how the Flight Mode Display handles the iNav Modes like RTL, Launch Mode or AltH? Does this work?

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    ...or is this not the Setup planned by TBS?
    Might be also just Wing-Layer plus FPVision, Delta Mix done by the Transmitter and no Flightcontroller at all?

    Enlighten me, pls! I'd like to convert 3 flying wings vom Pixhawk to iNav, and using a FPVision would be a Win-Win.
    Less weight for me, more money for TBS

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    the wing layer and the colibri are both end treminal layers. so there is no way to use both.

    i'd also like to use the colibri with the wing layer an inav......

    abou the gps: to get the core osd showing you all the gps related data you need to connect a tbs gps. might a conection by mavlink ( rx pin 3/4 to inav ) would give you this option.

    it works fine with a pix by mavlink or a nazs with blackbox.

    only downside with a 3th party gps- you can't use the flarm funktion

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    Pity - but it seems to be a huge deal already to keep the BST Drivers in Betaflight up to date. I don't think there will be any movement to implement BST to iNav.
    Maybe TBS should add a serial connection between the Colibri and FPVision, to at least get rid of the Betaflight / iNav Software dependency for BST. Then they just need to keep up to date the incoming telemetry connection on their own software.
    Or a passthrough over the Crossfire Receiver. The Receiver get's all the telemetry stuff over it's RX/TX from Betaflight or iNav, and it's connected by BST to FPVision. It would just need to forward it...

    Thanks for your infos!

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