I am the recent recipient of a TBS Crossfire with Micro rx v2. I must say it is a fantastically well thought out system and I have been really enjoying it.

Currently the rx is on a Vortex 250 pro, running PPM. In order to get the RSSI value to show on the Vortex OSD I set up the PPM channel map on the crossfire itself to have one channel as RSSI. I then selected that channel as RSSI in betaflight. All is well and the signal shows clearly on the OSD.

However, I want to use SBus in order to reduce latency and have seen that this protocol is more suitable for quad racing. However, unlike the PPM, I can't set one of the SBUS channels as RSSI. Has anyone tried this before to get RSSI to Vortex OSD?

If anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful.