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Thread: New Goggles? Which ones to buy?

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    New Goggles? Which ones to buy?

    Fatshark HD3/ Aomway Commander/ Skyzones?

    I have read countless reviews. I still have my 6 year old Fatshark Dominators working so the quality of product probably answers my questions.
    However before I plunk down $500 on new ones, I would appreciate some input.


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    I think the best people to listen to are people who have tried a whole bunch of them and know all the ins and outs.

    Personally it's just been Dominator v1s and Quanum V2 pro for me. I like both.

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    I've been using the Aomway Commanders for a couple of months now and they're okay but the IPD adjustment is very loose on my pair and the plastic faceplate is no longer a good fit against the body of the goggles. I also notice that the left IPD adjust has to be all the way to the left (and it's still not quite right) while the right hand one is about the mid-position -- this means they're not really sitting properly on my face. If the IPDs aren't *dead right* then you get blurring around the edge of the image (much like with the Fatshark HDs).

    Pro's for the Commanders are that the DVR is good and the receivers are very good.

    The fan is "so-so" and I sometimes still get fogging with the fan turned on.

    I'll be switching back to Fatsharks and Skyzones very soon so that I can do a proper comparison -- two months of Commander use being enough to get a real feel for the good and the bad. I'll publish a "5000 mile comparison" video in a couple of weeks where I'll speak to the pro's and con's of each after extended use.

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    THank Xjet and parajared. I appreciate the response. After looking at multople reviews, I think its time to upgrade to the Dom HD3. But damn they are expensive!!!!!!!! I guess I will look at it as an investment as my Dom v1s have lasted for like 5 years or more and still going. I just want better quality. My only fear is Fatshark will come out with something better as soon as I enter in my credit card. Bottomline I need/ want quality. This is one of my few hobbies and I want to enjoy it. THanks again.

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    Eachine EV100 is coming soon, I noticed it on RC groups, very cheap, but nobody know if it's just a widely usedpromotionmethod

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    i have the HD3 and really like them =. A bit on the higher price end but

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