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Thread: Crossfire and Vortex

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    Crossfire and Vortex

    Making Progress but not fully !!

    I have the crossfire and V2 micro receiver bound to the vortex. Showing solid green lights. Cannot at this time get vortex to respond to stick commands from my Taranis. Tried running the wizard and I get to the first screen where it tells me to "center all sticks" i do this and will not go to next command.

    I am using the Servo Adapter that came with the V2 Micro Receiver to connect the SBUS to channel 1. On the Crossfire Transmitter I went into RX programs and set channel 1 to SBUS. Do I need the "jumper" plug connected between channels 3 + 4 ?

    I have turned off the Iinternal receiver on page 2 of vortex menu, turned off, External receiver to CRSF Channels 1-16. Am I missing something here ?


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