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Thread: Led boot up help

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    just downloaded fw and osd files once i flashed them onto vortex will not let you go into osd menu now and plugged it into betaflight to assisn aux switches taranis was not discovered so no stick movements detected think theres something else happening here thanks

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    ok so just put new fw on my 250 its now a paperweight wont go into tx set up at all and now the 3rd led in start up goes red the BARO if im not mistaken what has happened here i should have just left it alone and just ignored the ummagawd tune would never have used it anyways

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    update got red light on baro sorted eneabled it through betaflight still no coms between taranis and vortex rebound now about half dozen times and a brand new x4r put in still the same since told to update ????????????????????????????????????????????

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