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Thread: Servo discussion. digital?

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    I am the proud owner of two TGY-390's now. They are impressive just messing around with them. The resolution seems infinite and the holding power of neutral is way more than I expected. Both of those are traits of digital servos so its of note that even this dummy can tell a significant difference on the bench. I hope to fly them in the next couple weeks. barring some measurable range or reliability issue, I think I'm going to really like them.

    I also read another negative about digitals servos that I had not thought of. With the increased power and relentless quest of holding the commanded position comes a issue on binding control surfaces. I have both of my other planes rigged so that the servo drives the elevons to their physical limits resulting in a servo under some strain...not stalled, but starting to stall. With a digital servo that may be an even worse idea, because the amps will go through the roof and the servo may overheat. Beginning to stall a analog servo isn't great, but with digital it might smoke it.

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    about 7 flights now and I really like them. the resolution is noticeable in flight. I have a M9 gimble coming to hopefully get the most out of them. the arms they come with are kinda junky though. I used some heavy duty futaba servo arms from ebay. Not aluminum ones... lol its not a f-22. These are similar to the mega arms from Hitec. I know it makes the gears the weak link, but so far so good with this style arm.

    Oh and I one only 4" from my 433 RX antenna and it seems to be fine. I dont go out too far( <3 miles) though. The other one is right next to my 2.4 700mw VTX antenna and nothing weird happens there either. Very quiet servos really. If you move the stick around they make digital servo noise for a second and then are silent. I read digitals would squeal all the time, but these dont.
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    Nice find. If you need quality parts, servo city is a good place to start. They have sales periodically that are worth checking out.
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