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Thread: Does anyone here fly FPV Airplane like this?

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    EPP crash testing. Try doing that to EPO without needing a ton of glue and prayers after the first hit.

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    I really have no idea where you are getting your information from. EPO being "more rigid" than EPP is absolutely false.
    I think you are confused about your foams.

    EPP is the nerf-footballish stuff, you can mash your finger into it and its kinda squishy. EPO is the stiff stuff, you would have to push reaallly hard to mash your finger into EPO and then you would leave a dent. You can take a piece of EPP and without sparring and bend it nearly in half without breaking it. EPO is more rigid and can only be bent maybe 60-ish degrees before snapping.

    Re-enforcing EPP is like re-enforcing a wet noodle. Sure you can re-enforce it so much that the skin and spars become the "main structure" of the plane but wouldn't it be easier to just use a more rigid material in the first place?
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    Hey, relax, guys.

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