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Thread: Vortex 250 Motors won't spin / power up - Help to Troubleshoot this problem, please

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    Quote Originally Posted by toffa View Post
    its not soldered on mine infact any of my vortexs martin the only reason i opened it to look as on boot up my leds were like a ufo when i looked in i saw why clip had fell apart form the board causing the led boot up all over the placeAttachment 77514
    Sorry, Toffa, I misunderstood which lead your were talking about. I thought you meant one of the two cables from the FC board to the main PDB. But it looks like you're talking about the lead from the FC to the LED unit.

    This problem sounds like a manufacturing fault. Is that right? If so, they need to make good. are you in the UK, or where?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toffa View Post
    That screenshot is weird. From their response it sounds like something's gone wrong with their website. A thank you and better support for your problem would be very appropriate, I'd think.

    ImmersionRC - can't you help this customer? Toffa's helped you with your website issue, and he's a good customer, buying your quads and spending well over 1000. Come on ImmersionRC, live up to your talk!

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    you getting the idea now Martin blanked eh and even bought a vortex 180 there a glutton for punishment and guess what its f@@ked straight from the box

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    still no lead that i can get a hold of for the fusion board so i can play with the ummagawd sad pretty dissapointed with immersion although theyre product are top notch

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