Hy guys,

First of all sorry if i post this in the wrong thread, i'm new here but not new to the quad world.

I'm having problems witj my tbs unify pro hv with short range it is set to F4 channel and 500mW.After the booting sequence it shows red&blue leds(normal state).I'm using Fataharks HD3 for goggles with la forge diversity sistem, patch antenna of 8dbi and a tbs omnidirectional antenna on the goggles. I run my tbs with 12V and a omnidirectional antenna from TBS.All antennas are RHCP.

I've selected the F4 channel on the goggles too.

Now, due to some heating in the vtx, i had put a heatsink on the vtx.I' ve never run my vtx without antenna.

I can' t understand why i have a range of around 2meters=6 feet only.

Can you help me guys? I'm lost in thos issue.