Hi all,
Inav Modes already in wiki but I'm still not yet understanding of it. The only thing I'm use to Angle + Heading Hold + Nav AltHold + Nav PosHold
When I'm selected Angle + Heading Free I can't control my drone properly then end up crash at tree Hahaha. But my drone was fine when it's crash I throttle it down.
Seem my build pretty strong
Is there any detail explanations of this mode. I'm prefer video YouTube on this but details in this room in text should be fine by me.

What is the use function and example of:

Spec Diy :
Bayangtoy x16 Case
Cc3d Copter Control
Hmc5883l + bmp180
GPS Mini
*I know cc3d is crap for some ppl but in CF and iNav work wonderful and it will be wasted if not use and lay around at my desk*

*I have test Angle + Nav AltHold + NavPosHold working great* "If I drag by my hand to other locations it will come back to his place*

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