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Thread: How to set up gimbal / servo on TBS powercube calibre

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    How to set up gimbal / servo on TBS powercube calibre

    Ok still cant figure it out. On basic f3 boards the servo(s) connects to motor pins 1,2 (or updated versions motor pins 5, 6). But the powercube has a dedicated servo port.


    Ive been in the cli tabs and resource shows the motor pins are C06 to B15. If tried all the free pins (A00,A01 etc) but cant find the dedicated servo pin port. The led strip is on A06, so I tried all around it (A05, A07 etc). But no luck

    Any ideas

    I have considered forgetting the servo port and just solder a wire to motor 5 pin (A00). But doing this I still dont know which PHYSICAL PIN is the motor 5 pin (calibre uses motors pins connected directly to the esc bourd once stacked.

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    101 views and not a single clue? C'mon, I thought the TBS brainiacs haunted these boards.
    My mind is outta gas, I need someone to throw me a bone.

    I was thinking that if I went to the cli tab and typed the command "resource list" it would list all the "resources " (peripherals etc) attached to the board and then pin address they are attached at. But the list doesnt mention anything about servo although I have the servo physically plugged in and the board powered up.
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    What is a "calibre"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteDee View Post
    What is a "calibre"?
    What you've never seem GAME OF THRONES??

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    Just joking that would be Kaleesi.

    the calibre is the the name of the actual flight controller board of the TBS powercube

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    Ok solved.
    For the pitch servo (all I needed) the dedicated servo pins on the side of the colibri is B14 (motor 9 pin)

    1)connect servo to the side"servo" pin

    2)In the configuration tab enable servo tilt

    in cli tab
    3)"resource motor 9 none"
    4) "resource servo 1 B14"

    Hope my frustration/solution helps someone

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