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Thread: Tbs powercube doesn't work.

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    Tbs powercube doesn't work.

    Motors stops after few seconds when armed. I have calibrated everything, checked soldering, bought new quality motors. The motors are spinning fine when you activate motor control in beta flight. So the hardware should work.
    I have had some help by somebody who knows a lot about this stuff, but he gave up. So I am giving up. Somebody who has any ideas?
    I am about to take a hammer and send the power cube back to team black sheep in pieces.

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    I have the same problem, I have seen plenty of post about it but I haven't seen a solution to the problem yet. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have figured it out.
    You are properly using the FPvision, right?
    If so, you need to calibrate it first. Put on your googles and press the button on the FPvision. (Or maybe hold it down, i don't remember)
    First select the right RX provider. This is the main issue. You are properly using Sbus. But at default it set to something else. Change it to sbus and go through the calibrate process.
    It should work after that.

    It's odd that they don't mention this in the manual. They do mention how to enter the OSD menu, but nothing about how important it is if you are using sbus.

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