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Thread: Adding Gimbal to Tbs Disco

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    Adding Gimbal to Tbs Disco

    Okay so I have a Disco pro and its dead. IDK why its dead but it is and no one has been able to figure it out. I need new plates but the new frame with a gimbal is $599 and without its $74. I want a new gimbal on the bottom of the quad anyway so I was wondering how hard it would be to put one there on the regular disco. I have a Naza v2 along with the long range motors, props, battery, and arms.

    If there isnt a good way to do it then the quads dead and theres a nice set of props motors and esc's for sale.
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    whats dead just the gimbal? you can buy just the top plate. on tbs site
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    No the whole quad is dead. I have a whole thread on here trying to figure it out but no one could. It's sat in heap in my room for years reminding me of all the money I wasted on it. I want to revive it but for 599 screw that I'll just buy a new quad.

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