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Thread: Micro Crossfire update via BST

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    Micro Crossfire update via BST

    I have a Micro Crossfire V1 that failed at firmware update.(continuous flashing green light)
    It was never bound to my transmitter but when first plugged in tried to update.

    I have a friend with the Diversity crossfire RX and just want to unsure I understand the updating process.

    I should be able to just connect the micro via BST to the Diversity RX then plug in the USB of the Diversity RX to TBS Agent.

    Will this sense the Micro and update it also as well as the Diversity?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Section Emergency update:

    For the micro receiver it is a little bit more complicated. As the device itself does not have a USB connecterthe firmware needs to be loaded by BST for emergency update. This requires a TBS CORE PRO or adiversity receiver. Connect the micro receiver to one of those devices by BST. Press and hold the bindbutton of the micro receiver while powering up the TBS CORE PRO or the diversity receiver by USB. In caseof the diversity receiver you need to keep pressing the bind button while powering up the micro receiverwith an own power supply.The LED of the micro receiver should blink fast which indicates the receiver is in bootloader mode.Open your TBS Agent and load the latest version. Once the device connected directly to the USB isupdated, the TBS Agent will update the micro receiver too.

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    Thanks for the reply. I looked in the manual but I guess I missed that section

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