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Thread: TBS Tango- doesn't Charge via USB- would not buy that anymore

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    Angry TBS Tango- doesn't Charge via USB- would not buy that anymore

    So after about 3 months of struggle with the tango and taking it apart to charge the batteries I decided to post this here because it is another product which I would not recommend anymore, but lets see perhaps someone has a solution.

    I bought mine on christmas 2016 (about 8 months ago) and first I was convinced that this is the best radio I ever had. I used it all the time (now over 200 hours of flying), even if the long charging process via usb annoyed me a little bit. But Ok on the other hand side, USB is very convenient, so that was O.K. for me. After about 3 months, I had the same problem that a colleague of mine had before. The tango did not load the batteries anymore via USB. The red light is on, also the PC can be connected and the battery indicator indicates that it is charging. BUT, it actually does not charge. So I tried different USB cables/slots on my computer and a smartphone charger.... nothing. From there on I had to unscrew the whole device, take out the batteries and charge them. Even if there other problems came up with time which are a little bit disturbing this is the only one which really makes the whole device inconvenient and I personally would not buy this anymore

    If anyone has a solution for this, I would be very lucky.

    Best regards,

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    Hello Midorr,

    I understand your worries. But why don't you contact TBS or your dealer. I am pretty sure that they will help you. Warranty ...

    Best regards


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    Send it in for service, or just add a battery lead and connect a battery outside of the tx, you can use alot bigger pack that way and swap without charging.

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    you obviously have not contacted TBS. there is NO way that tbs support would let this slide and not help you
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    Thanks for all the replies. I will try to contact the support even if its 7 months old now but for now my problem is if I send it in before I have another radio will I will not be able to fly in the next weeks and summer is short in germany.
    What times do you expect for sending it in repairing and getting it back do you have experience with this and TBS? I do ask because a fried of mine was asked to send in his overheating TBS unify (I think to HK) and it took several weeks until it got back to germany. Contacting the vendor is no option, the legal return time in germany is two weeks. After this I timespan have to contact TBS directly what I will possibly do if there is no easy DIY solution

    This is a good Idea, I first thought about adding a switch and an XT60 to connect the batteries directly to my charger without opening and without damaging the electronics

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    So just a little update on this issue because it works again and will hopefully be sold soon as I switched to a taranis in the mean time. so I followed the advices from @j5coat and @klauzz and sent a message to the tbs support, as this should be covered by warranty.

    They came to the conclusion that this is not included in the warranty and I had to pay for a new board. Which really makes me mad, because I never experienced such a "service" before, but I am more the kind of person that does not whats to argue with supports and just stops buying those products. So I did not complain because I did not want to invest time and efforts for more that 1 email into that and decided to just pay that spare part build them in, and sell the tango. perhaps another guy will be more happy with that... even if I can not recommend buying this *thing*

    At least they put stickers in the package....

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