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Thread: Hello From Vegas! trust me, its not that cool! its 112 today!

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    Cool Hello From Vegas! trust me, its not that cool! its 112 today!

    Eskimo broke his back in Alaska, came back home to Vegas, and decided, "if I can't walk, I'll learn how to fly!" out of the half dozen drone's I have, I usually only have 1 flying at a time! Love my Taranis, and XM+'s but X4R-SB are nice too... got an old F1 last month, so Im learning PPM with a FS-I6x, and a Devo 7 that came with my Walkera 250 Runner that I only use for it! I just want to get up in the air, and have fun, doing flips, and rolls, and watching sunsets as I fly over mountain tops! I got a Session 4 and am happy as a clam, now I have to learn how to edit videos! AirVuz, or just Youtube? Hit me up if you're in the area, I fly all the time, and have a vehicle!

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    Welcome to the Lab!!!
    I will be OUTSIDE, so if anyone looks for me, I will be OUTSTANDING!!!!

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    ontario canada
    come to Canada if ya miss the snow LOL
    flyin HIGH

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