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Thread: FrSky Taranis L9R with 1.2 Video Fixed Wing

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    FrSky Taranis L9R with 1.2 Video Fixed Wing

    Wanted to post the results of using a Taranis and L9R with 1.2 video(1258 specifically).

    I use UHF on all of my longer range setups but thought I would try this due to a couple of L9R receivers not being used and the vtx being $11 on the RMRC site. Vtx is sold as 150mw, but the description has it varying between 75mw and 160mw.

    Taranis is using stock antenna.

    Tested the set up on a Mini Talon and a Micro Skyhunter.

    Mini Talon had a RMRC 150mw vtx on one wing tip and a L9R on the other wing tip. Stock vtx antenna made 3.5 miles before video loss and no L9R failsafe. Swapped to a fpvpro dipole for the vtx and reached 5.5 miles with no video loss, but did hit failsafe on the L9R with RTH kicking in.

    Micro Skyhunter has the same setup on each wing tip. Only difference is the L9R antennas were removed from plastic cases and the pcb embedded on wing horizontally to reduce drag. First flight with normal antenna cases had major drag/wing drop on that side. I am using the stock vtx antenna. Current distance is 3.2 miles with video loss, but no L9R failsafe.

    Both planes are setup with INAV with RTH functions in case of failsafe.

    Summary with Taranis stock antenna and L9R:
    MT - 5.5 miles(8.8km) RX failsafe
    Micro Skyhunter - 3.2 miles(5.1km) Video loss, No RX failsafe
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    Did another flight today with a Micro Skyhunter with a different rx and vtx. I'm using a lot of the XM+ receivers in my mini quads, as well as some planes. Never pushed those very far due to 5.8 video and it not working that great in the wooded areas I fly.

    Todays flight was with the XM+ receiver on the right wing tip and the RMRC 200mw 1258/1280 vtx on the left wing tip with a DL dipole vtx antenna. Was able to get 3.4 miles(5.4km) before having RTH take over.

    Frsky 2.4 and 1.2 video appear to work okay with adequate separation. Works for me when not wanting to do a UHF set up.
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    Hey MotoPVDude,

    Thank you for sharing those results, it's always interesting to know what kind of range everyone's getting. The XM+ gave an impressive result !

    Personnally, my 3 planes equipped with D8R XP have been pushed to 2.5 Kms (1.5 miles) without going into failsafe.

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    That's incredible range for such a small rx. Do you have a pic of how you mounted the antennas? Do you just have them flapping in the wind or do you brace them on the XM+?

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    I can get a picture but not much to it. Poked a hole in the foam and stuck the antenna in it. Holds it perfectly vertical. The second antenna is flapping in the wind in a trailing kind of way. Normally horizontal but vertical when diving or climbing. Always have the Taranis antenna vertical when holding the radio.

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    So the vertical antenna doesn't stick out the top of the foam fuselage?

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    It is on the wing tip. The xm+ is embedded in the left wing tip and the vtx is embedded in the right wing tip. The xm+ antenna is actually poking out the bottom of the wing tip. A dab of hot glue holds it in place.

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