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Thread: Vendetta cube to xfire v2 wiring help

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    Vendetta cube to xfire v2 wiring help

    Trying to install crossfire into my vendetta cube. I attached the BST to the core, but I have no idea where the channels go on the power cube. Or how to connect them. Tried looking at the crossfire manual page 35 and I'm confused. Is there a video of installing this somewhere I can't find one on utube. I'm trying to post a picture of what I have to help. But upload isn't loading for some reason.

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    might a bit late, but you can connect the ch1 from the rx straight to the rx port in the colibri fc.

    or- whats even better- conect pin 1/ 2 to uart 1 or 3, set your pinout of the rx to crsf and also the betaflight protocol.

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