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Thread: Vortex 150 driver issue

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    Ok.... I have a sony vaio w/ windows 10 and for some reason there is no drivers for this machine. Will this cable work in place of the drivers?


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    No you need the correct drivers.

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    Well for some reason there are no drivers designed for my machine.... sony vaio.... atlest that is what the device driver instillation wizard says. Any other options?

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    Try a different pc?

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    yes I did. IBM and it worked but for some reason my 150 is non functioning now and am sending it back to Flite Test to see what went wrong with it. Love this little machine but for some reason to include software/pc issues.... it is not so plug and play lol. Thank you for the great products.... just hoping to get mine to work. I have three man cubs to order for so we can fly as a family but want to be sure there are no more issues and find the root to the problem. Thanks for the help.


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    Smile Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

    I've spent all morning trying to connect my Vortex 150 to my Windows 10 computer and it kept showing 2 errors with the USB to Uart. I followed your advice, downloaded the tools for the Vortex 250 and it worked immediately. I'm shocked that it's not more widely documented all over. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved my day!!!

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    I read, and try to absorb all the forum material as I can, but I almost never post comments. I just felt like sharing my thoughts here, so please bare with me... I had the same issue when I first bought my vortex 150 as well. Not to tute my own horn, but I'm a dual degree engineer, with a lot of mechanical and IT experience, and I've been in this hobby for several years. I very much respect and appreciate accurate specifications and installation instructions on any mechanical or electrical devices I may be dealing with. IMHO, those who choose not to read these documents get what they deserve... Now, having said all that; this exact same issue caused me 2 days of beating my head off a wall! Obviously I knew it was a serial driver issue, but finding direction to find the correct drivers was troublesome to say the least... The start up and full manual documentation lists the wrong serial drivers to communicate with the vortex 150. After 2 days of pouring over forums, I finally came across a random comment of installing the Immersion RC Tools package, which resides in the additional software download section of the Immersion RC Vortex 250 page. The person didn't know why, but evidentally the correct proprietary usb to uart drivers needed to communicate with the vortex 150 were also included in that package... Obviously I followed this tip, and installed the Immersion RC Tools package I found on the Vortex 250 page, and the correct usb serial drivers automatically installed too... At least 6 other people from my rc club took my suggestion, and ordered a Vortex 150 as well. I was like a train going from station to station around to their houses, in order to help them get past this issue. It consumed a lot of time, and frustrated many of us... I love you guys at Immersion RC, and I obviously love what you guys do enough to both purchase your products myself, as well as recommend your products to others in my rc community. I'm not trying to be a hater at all. I just feel like commenting on this issue because of how long it took me to resolve this issue. That just doesn't happen to me very often... If a link to the correct drivers does exist on the Vortex configurator I apologize for not seeing that. I will look again... Even with that being said, a link on the configurator home page isn't enough direction for the majority of the customers you are marketing this quad to. Especially when it contradicts the manual, which is most likely what these "newbees" will be reading, and trying to follow... I understand that mistakes in already distributed pdf manuals can be difficult to correct, but please try to do something to better direct your customers to the correct drivers. Whether the Immersion RC Tools was meant for the Vortex 150 or not, why not add that link to the Vortex 150 web page; and maybe a brief explanation? Or better yet, separate the correct drivers from the Immersion RC Tools package, and provide a link to them on the Vortex 150 page, along with an explanation. The easiest thing would be to start printing an amendment memo, and start including it in the Vortex 150 packaging... Again, I'm not trying to be over critical. It's just that IMHO, a quad at this price point, that has been out for this long shouldn't have hang ups like this, without them being clearly resolved by the manufacture. Either by documentation correction, or by additional clearly deserned amendments, or links... I really appreciate and respect what Immersion RC is trying to do with the automated setup technology. I think it allows people to get into a quad of the Vortex's caliber, without having to be the fc and configurator experts we used to have to be. Kudos to Immersion RC for that... That being said, 90% of us are going to want to get into betaflight, and at least change our modes and add an arming switch. If you're going to require a special, or proprietary driver, please clearly specify this, and provide clear, and easy to follow directions... Sometimes I worry that in our haste to develop various automated setup technologies, we sometimes overlook the impact on setup versatility. Let's be honest, this quad was supposed to be marketed to both beginner and advanced pilots... IMHO, if Immersion RC could fix this oversite, they would have the highest rated review I would give... Sorry for my long winded speech. My opinions are meant with respect. I very much appreciate the innovative way in which Immersion RC develops their wonderful products. Keep up the good work Immersion RC! Thank you to any, and all, who read this post, and benefit from it. "There is only one way to go, and that's straight up!"

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